Newspaper: Maybe Even More Anti-Gun Laws Will Stop Kansas City Killing?!?!

Check the newspaper writing editorials with their headlines just like any decent blogger and offering a solution to local violence . . . More legislation attacking the 2nd Amendment to compliment the rest of laws that also don't work . . . Read more:

Missouri protection order law has no mandate against guns | The Kansas City Star

A judge had banned David Love from possessing weapons. But last August, he grabbed a gun and killed his ex-girlfriend. Now, nearly a year later, a "failure of the system" has kept him from facing any legal repercussions.


  1. Jean Petersucker Baker is the weakest prosecutor ever in the history of prosecutors.

  2. It’s a federal law that says you can’t have a firearm stupid fuck, Jesus Christ the star is clueless

  3. Like a new gun law would have helped.


  4. We have laws against murder and that isn’t working so well either.

  5. The bad guys will always have guns. There are hundreds of stolen guns in the Metro. And each of them will be used. And I sure the Star knows,this. It's a far left propaganda .And the hundreds of Editorials,in U.S.newspapers,this week backfired .THE Presidents,polls are up. And it shows The Main stream media is in a determined effort to Bring down a PRESIDENT. THERE ARE OVER SIX MILLION PEOPLE THAT RECEIVE THERE NEWS FROM ALTERNATIVE MEDIA .WITH real investigative reports .And they know the main stream media is moving to far to the left. And not telling the entire story. And it is what they don't tell you. That is why Trump won People did not watch the main stream media.

  6. Are those lesions all over him or has he been working on the General Lee with Cooter?


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