Newsflash: No law prevents Kris Kobach from overseeing the likely recount in his own race

This is a truism most newsies were talking last week.

More interesting than that . . . Here's the NYT biting their pillow over a narrow win that might or might not hold . . .

Opinion | Donald Trump Runs For Governor

In his race to be Kansas's next governor, Kris Kobach represents the ugliest part of the today's Republican Party. He also sounds a lot like the president. The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section.


  1. fuvkin bs they better do a full recount for johnson county all races go to bed at 2 in the morning 1 person is handily winning wake up someone else won thats suspect AF

  2. The New York Times just hired an out-and-out racist as part of its far left Editorial Board, so the teeny amount of credibility that group may still have had is now gone.

  3. 2;12 how about running on down to Sav-A-Lot and grab you a few rolls of tin foil and get that pointed hat rolled up and tune in you some Fox News. You sound like the type of dipshit they are looking for.

    BTW, before you haul your worthless ass to SAL, change your geezer, shit stained pants.

  4. ^^Ha! It's funny cause it's true!

  5. the thesis of the article is simplistic. the situation is a lot more complicated.

    too complicated to start dissecting here.

  6. What's complicated?
    Kobach is the "Nationally Recognized Expert" on Voter Fraud,
    why is anyone surprised that he won an election using his expertise?
    He's just proving to the followers of "The Cult OF The Donald" that he can deliver in 2020.

    Raid the State coffers for any scraps Brownback left, then in 2019, resign and move to the GOP Presidential Re-election Committee!

  7. prediction of possible surprise: colyer ends up winnng when all the votes are counted.

    colyer had to have carried johnson county.


  8. Gotta laugh at the geezer hater @2:30 the one who supports the union but wants to put them out of work. Also thinks fox news is totally Repub. how funny, because its owned by one of the biggest liberals there is and the afternoon news anchor is a democrat and is gay.

    Shit on that geezer hater.

    Keep it up your the laugh of my life.

  9. I love how triggered the left is by this. I was hoping for a Coyler-Svaty election, but we have pro life and pro abortion to vote for in November.

    Just remember...abortion is barbarism.

  10. Recusal is a must. It is inexcusable for Kris to head up the recount.

    This is an automatic disqualifier in his run for Governor.

    If he cares so little about ethics in such a clear cut case, he can't be trusted in the Governor's mansion.

  11. The Bitter Truth8/8/18, 6:16 PM

    Insane Clown Posse at The Granada in Lawrence tonight. Oh BTW Kobach won you bitches so deal with it.

    While Republicans will be rolling all over the democraps in every race this fall, but the few Democrats, who were left claiming a moral victory for coming very close to taking an open Republican seat still think they are relevant. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Take a lesson from Hillary by shutting the hell up and sitting the fuck down. The progressive blue wave is crashing and burning in 2018 while the red wave is flooding the country.

    MAGA wins hands down.

  12. 6:16 is the typical clueless MAGA asshat.

    Kobach hasn't won anything. The primary isn't over.

    The lead is less than two hundred and there are thousands of provisional and absentee ballots not counted.

    I'll lay odds Colyer easily gains 200 votes to take the lead and win after all votes are counted.

    I know this is news to Kobach and MAGA idiots, but ALL votes matter.

    KKKris, recuse yourself and stop trying to fix the outcome in your favor.

  13. ^^^^I only see one idiot here and it is you.

  14. ^^^ Bravo... the MAGA brain trust again.

    Triggered when confronted with reality.

    The GOP primary is not over and that's a fact.


  15. Wow, another article published by an out of state media company written by a reporter who's only exposure to Kansas has been from 30,000 feet flying from NYC to LAX.


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