National Anthem Protest Easier After Deaprting Kansas City Chiefs

Recognition that cowtown fans and the front officer are just a bit more strict about social justice advocacy on company time given their consistently mediocre playoff record.

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Former Chiefs wide receiver says he has more freedom to protest with new team

Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Albert Wilson said his new team gives him more freedom to protest during the National Anthem. Now playing for the Miami Dolphins, Wilson took a knee during the National Anthem Thursday evening.


  1. Is Albert Wilson protesting for the young black men shot or killed by other young black men in KCMO? Its really bad right now. Oh...hes not? Its political? Oooohhh ok. Thought he really cared.

  2. here we go again.

  3. All publicity, even bad publicity, is good publicity, right?


  4. A selfish red foreskin who doesn't even know what the protest started about, and that was hatred of police, and has changed several times.

    Maybe he should look into the black man who just hit an innocent guy and killed him and of course the black man got charged with only an assault charge.

    Go ahead PINKO and kneel like the coward you are.

  5. His new team also gives him the opportunity to lose a lot of games. If it wasn't for the Chiefs giving him a chance, he wouldn't even be in the NFL.

  6. Keep heading south Al, maybe Venezuela will treat you better yet. Ungrateful a-hole.

  7. He has every right to peacefully protest, all you Trump zombies didn't give 2 shits until Daddy Trump said so. The NBA never has this problem.

    1. Nah. Most people had an issue with hyperprivileged thugs disrespecting the country, it's why the NFL cried uncle.

      You lost. Get over it.

  8. Why is this still a topic of conversation? No one give a a flip about the NFL, the players, the owners, etc. It's a sport that is becoming more irrelevant every year. Players are renowned for their domestic violence tendencies. The sport itself makes vegetables out of those players, many of whom live out their final years in agony and often taking their own lives. Ticket prices, parking, and concessions are ludicrous...and the drunks are dangerous and obnoxious. Maybe these clowns who take a knee during the National Anthem should "protest" some of that crap. Now we hear the fans in the stands are mimicking the players and doing their own little protest. Screw all of 'em.


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