More Deets On Kansas City, Kansas 'Conviction Integrity' Po-Po Resistance

Thin Blue Line push back stonewalls the effort to fact check authorities despite recent evidence of unwarranted convictions that were overturned.

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Drama erupts around conviction integrity unit, Kansas City case | Injustice Watch

More than 50 current and former law enforcement officials have signed a letter backing the creation of a conviction integrity unit in Kansas City, Kansas after a high profile exoneration uncovered flaws in the justice system there last year. Police and the local district attorney disagree on whether the local prosecutor should have authority to reexamine cases.


  1. After reading this, I think Jackson County should start an Acquittal Integrity Unit to investigate all the cases Jean Petersucker Baker has lost that should have resulted in a conviction. How many criminals are still on the streets as a result of Jean Petersucker Baker’s lack of skill and her unwillingness to put hood rats in prison.

  2. ^^^^+1000000000000000000000000000000000000

  3. Why is anyone surprised by this move he's made. He was pretty clear about his agenda during his campaign and this should have been expected.

    So, WYCO, if this is the political animal you want as your D.A. then you got what you voted for!!


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