More Cash To Fight Kansas City Blight

Follow-up on a recent plan to throw money at a problem that really requires MORE POLICE AND COMMUNITY COMMITMENT AGAINST CRIME . . . All the money in the world to restore homes won't fix the problem if they're build in the middle of a battlefield.

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First-of-its-kind AltCap investment pool aims to transform KC's urban blight

With more than 5,000 blighted homes and vacant lots, Kansas City's urban core might soon see some help thanks to new AltCap investment pool. AltCap, a Kansas City-based community development financial institution , has partnered with Legal Aid of Western Missouri and Stinson Leonard Street to create a fund that's focused on rehabilitation of housing in Kansas City's urban core.


  1. It's sad, but these houses will be broken into and stripped of anything of value before people can even move into them.
    In fact, it's more than likely than people working rehabbing the houses will have their tools and equipment stolen and even be injured or killed during the course of the "project".
    Until there is a concerted and effective effort at reducing crime and violence in "the core", no private money is going to be invested in anything worthwhile or lasting.
    You can't build any building without a solid stable foundation and without a safe neighborhood you're just making believe and building on a swamp.
    Just more tinsel and glitter!

    1. Bravo,i owned 3 inner city properties and was more than fair to the occupants in both rent and utilities but after replacing central air units and dishwashers 3 times,i gave up and someone else can deal with the hassle.

  2. Gentrificating a shithole will not happen unless you start work on the edges and work in.


  3. Well let me be the first to say that the urban core blight is fast moving to the rest of middtown and even the plaza area. Good luck to any fool who tries to clean up these areas with the current administration in place.

    I lucked out and sold in midtown to some idiots who will never get their money back, and will do the same in Brookside.

  4. ^^Business man is just another word for asshole.

  5. ^^^ Has a non asshole every gave you a good job ?

  6. There's no such thing as a good job.

    Working for wages is slavery.

  7. ^^^ Go back to bed. Mommy will wake you later.

  8. Wow Land Bank is really succeeding!


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