Missouri Pro-Lifer Democratic Party Acceptance Tragically Scraped Away

Sadly, there's more than a few pro-life Democratic Party denizens right her in Kansas City who will be forced to tacitly support baby-killing in the name of party loyalty . . . Read more:

Missouri Democrats Retract Welcome to Pro-Life Voters

Missouri's Democratic Party has no room for voters who lean left but oppose abortion. In June, the party added an amendment acknowledging that abortion is a contentious issue and emphasizing that pro-life Democrats are "welcome." The amendment did not change the party's longtime platform, which recognizes a woman's right to abortion.


  1. Who cares if philosophical purity causes you to lose election after election?
    The Dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
    Claire really doesn't need anyone to throw her a bag of rocks to try to keep her campaign afloat.
    Hawley by seven.

  2. Possibly, @6:17, but far more likely that the blind overconfidence of the followers of "The Cult Of The Donald" will turn more stomachs with their hysterical screaming and lying than they realize and yet another "shining star in the GOP Firmament" will sink into obscurity.

    Remember that, at some point, these two Candidates will have to face and defend their record of accomplishments, and that one of them actually has a record beyond winning election to one Office and immediately devoting all their attention to the campaign for another.

  3. Clueless Hateful
    Loony Ambiguous
    Ancient Weirdo
    Irrational Loony
    Reject Egotistical
    Eyesore Yokelish

  4. In an abortion, fully developed cute babies are crushed to death and then sucked out with a vacuum cleaner. Democrats insist all their members support this or get out. If that same baby was delivered and then crushed to death one minute later, would Democrats be outraged?

    1. Cute baby my ass. To answer your question when an abortion happens or a baby death happens it means one less screaming little shit ass to deal with in public and yes that is worth celebrating.

  5. I believe in the Holy Bible!
    The Bible tells us in the Book of Genesis that The Soul (Life) enters the Body with "the first breath"!

    It also tells us to "Judge not, lest ye be Judged", so all you so-called "Pro Life" hypocrites need to stop worrying about abortions and start concentrating on taking care of the Live Babies that Have Been Born!

  6. 8:25 please back up your inflammatory statements with some facts, please?
    This rhetoric has been flying around for decades about how fully-formed, healthy white babies (I'm assuming white is the preferred color.) are being terminated by some shady organization because the selfish mothers don't want to take care of the little buggers. I'm assuming you are keeping careful records of this horrendous activity. Let's see the proof, please.


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