Missouri Fair Wage Vote Wins Reelection Fight For Senator Claire McCaskill?!?!

AG Hawley is gaining ground against the incumbent on the topic of the new SCOTUS pick by Prez Trump. However, many denizens of the GOP are locked into a losing position on a higher minimum wage which voters have consistently approved but corporate politicos despise . . . Here's how this issue could help "Air Claire" fly-by the Republican Golden Boy:

Missouri Democrats hope minimum wage measure helps McCaskill

JEFFERSON CITY - Democrats hope a ballot proposal to hike Missouri's minimum wage will boost support for Sen. Claire McCaskill's re-election, a seat Republicans are targeting as a top opportunity to insulate their Senate majority. Even if the measure's presence on the Nov.


  1. It won't help Claire as much as the GOP putting up a nonentity in place of a Candidate did.

    Name a Hawley accomplishment other that jumping onto the "Anti-Greitens" bandwagon at the last minute! Go on, name one... we're waiting...(crickets)...

  2. He does not pay property and income tax to the Caymen Islands

  3. ^^^^^ Not paying taxes on the property you own isn't much of a qualification for office, usually.

  4. I truly couldn’t care less if Claire was the rightest of the right. Despite her party affiliation, she plays Missourians like a fiddle with her down home, small town gal routine. The truth is, she doesn’t give a damn about those she represents, they’re merely her ticket to hob nob with the elite that she loves. Anyone from either party would be a big improvement to Claire.

  5. Except Hawllery, who didn't couldn't wait to leave Missouri.

    College in SF at Stanford, law school at Yale, and now he wants to rejoin his Ivy League buddies in DC.

    You may think Claire doesn't care, but she shows up and talks to people in rural Missouri.

    Hawllery doesn't care enough to even try. At least he could pretend to give a shit.

    1. We have to agree to disagree. I’d rather be avoided completely than have someone feed me a line of BS which is Claire’s specialty.

  6. If prop a didn’t pass why would this? She’s talking crap to buy votes from dummocrats

  7. ^^^ Grow up. That's what politicians do. They all make promises to buy votes.

    At least the Democrats offer their help to individuals. Govt by the people for the people.

    The Greedy Old Perverts make promises and sell out to multi national corporations, big industry lobbyists, and a handful of billionaires. All the PAC money and campaign ads are the direct result of buying their support, most recently through the tax scheme that has generated $1 trillion in stock buybacks. They hope those ads buy more votes.

    The RepubliCons fool their base into thinking the tax cuts were really for poor rural white voters and not Wall Street. Their blindly loyal followers need to wise up.

    Just look in your wallet. It's not magically bigger. There were no big raises and no big tax cut for the working class. They got screwed.

    1. What's absolutely hilarious here is your belief that Democrats are somehow better. Please rent or buy a clue.

  8. What's absolutely sad is you can't do basic math to see the difference.

    $12 an hour is better than $7.85.

    Democrats back $12 an hour and some even support $15.

    The Greedy Old Perverts think $7.85 is too high and would like to get rid of minimum wage completely.

    If you work for a living, it's damn easy to see which is better. It's not even close.

    1. And it'll work because just raising wages fixes everything! Let's just print more money you guys!

  9. Money quote in the article is from RINO Hawllery:

    When asked about the measures on the November ballot, including the minimum-wage proposal, Hawley said he still needs to read through them and make up his mind on how to vote.

    The current AG hasn't read it? Give me a break. He has no backbone to answer and no principles at all.

    When does decide to vote for Trump's impeachment?

    There is absolutely no reason for conservatives to vote in MO this year. The House races are all safe and there are no state offices on the ballot. The one race that could have made a difference has a RINO that will hurt Trump more than help him. It's time to vote with your feet by staying home.

  10. ^^^ Go back to school and learn something. Raising minimum wage is money printing? Beyond weak.

  11. Trump promised good paying jobs and higher wages, but is then against higher minimum wages and for "right to work". His promises were empty.

    The Democrats actually back policies to ensure good paying jobs and higher wages.

  12. Noticed a couple days ago, Claire's campaign tv ads took out the line about her having driven a "rusted out Chevy for years" during the beginning of her political career. That line and a grainy photo of a Nova had run many times for several weeks.

    What's up with that? She kept in that ad, the parts about her hard-scrabble early childhood, hop-scotching with her struggling parents through short stays in several small towns of Missouri. There's a line saying she waitressed her way through college. Another statement is about her having been a single parent raising 3 daughters. It goes on with portraying McCaskill as the pioneer politician tough broad who held her own on dishing it back to the ol' boys' club.

    Fast forward to shots of her in power suits, eleven grandkids mentioned, and quips about her having never left Missouri.

    Did Claire decide she shouldn't piss off the GM/Chevy fans? Hmmmmmm......


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