Many Kansas City Catholics Rejoice In Pope's Opposition Against Capital Punishment

A question of faith, morals and public policy confronts people of faith in Kansas City on the sordid topic of the death penalty.

Background . . .

BBC: Pope Francis declares death penalty inadmissible in all cases

Meanwhile, realists among us reject the notion that the declaration will make life harder on Catholic lawmakers. Instead it'll probably only offer yet another opportunity for the electorate to witness politicos engaging in even more hypocrisy and contradictions regarding shameless protestations regarding values that never match up with sketchy voting records.

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Kansas City Catholics Embrace Pope's Rejection Of Capital Punishment

Catholics in and around Kansas City said for the most part they support Pope Francis' declaration Thursday, in which he officially changed Catholic doctrine to say the death penalty is wrong in all cases. This is a departure for the church, which has historically accepted the death penalty for the most heinous crimes.


  1. Well we don’t use capital punishment in Kansas City. We use probation because Jean Petersucker Baker is our prosecutor. Jean Petersucker Baker is the weakest-dick prosecutor ever.

  2. Rape is wrong also, but that doesn't stop the Catholic Church.

  3. Fine. If the Catholics want to keep convicted rapists, murderers, etc in prison for life, let the Vatican pick up the tab for their upkeep.

  4. If you're going to preach Pro-Life you need to be Pro-life. The Catholic church preaches Pro-life. All lives matter!

  5. The Pope wouldn't feel that way if he had to stay in East KC for a month.

  6. Wrongful convictions can bring mis-applied death penalties.

  7. Fuck the politician pope piece of hit.

  8. Pro-life applies to all actual living human beings??

    Not just a fetus, zygote, embryo, and blastocyst?

    Say it isn't so.

  9. Catholics can tear up their voter registration cards now.

    They were told for decades they could not vote for pro-abortion Democrats. You risked damnation.

    Now they won't be able to support pro-death penalty Republicans because of the same consequences.

    There is nobody left that they can morally choose.


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