Local Lesson In TrumpCare Harsh Times

Here's a heartbreaking story of Kansas City healthcare or lack thereof . . .

Kansas City college student describes the copay that almost killed her

The price of insulin has skyrocketed, and what some diabetics do to get the medicine they need is simply heartbreaking and awful. "This is not something that's negotiable. It's not something I'm using for fun. It's not something I can choose whether or not to use, I have to use it.


  1. Give me a break. We all had healthcare before Obama came in and screwed everything up. I know people who got insulin, surgeries and had premature babies at little to no cost at Truman Med ctr. The Obama Care was not only expensive but you got fined if you didn't have insurance, how's that for stupid. Even Obama himself and Bill Clinton said it was a mess.

    BTW It wasn't Trump who stopped Obamacare it was states who dumped it because it was NOT WORKING.

  2. My health insurance tripled under Obamacare and I have to have a $10,000 deductible with no office visits to keep it from being even higher but you won't see any articles about that. Thanks McCaskill,Pelosi and Obama for passing a health insurance bill that you didn't even read and not giving a damn about the middle class.

  3. It's funny to see the liberal media blame Trump for the Obamacare mess.
    As Obama was leaving office, Obamacare prices were set to skyrocket and now they have.

  4. You can't make some bland ass post about how much your insurance went up without providing background. My guess is some of you have pre-existing conditions? Would you just not rather have healthcare insurance? That's where we're heading under the GOP. You know why right? You know how insurance works right? The healthy pool supports the sick pool. You remove the sick pool and costs go down. Pretty simple.

    Healthcare costs have been rising well before Obama care and the trend has continued. Insurance companies pay less and less and customers pay more.

  5. Many

  6. U can still go to Truman and get it free in Missouri. You can still go to ku and get it free in Kansas. Have fun in there sitting next to Bonquisha.

  7. My coverage worsened and has almost tripled in price since 2013 and I have my pay stubs to prove it. I was paying less than $100/month and now it's in the mid $200s. My coverage and deductibles are much higher. Obamacare literally costs me $2,000 extra per year, and I'm not alone. It has cost millions just as much, if not more and for even worse coverage. People are still in denial about this and will defend it merely to protect obama

  8. Why are we the only top tier country in the world who struggles with people being unable to afford Health Care? Is it because we are a for profit system?

  9. 12:26 - I assume you're on an employer plan? Please, explain to me why/how Obamacare impacts your premium that you're paying. You're not on Obamacare man. FTR, my coverage has stayed level since I've been at my company 5 years. The last couple years the owner (it's a 60 some employee consulting firm) has said he is eating the additional cost. He's a pretty good dude, but not a $150+ per month spread across 60 employees good dude (that's a six figure impact). Premiums have crept up a bit but nothing noticeable. My yearly minimum has gone up.

    I get it, you're pissed and want to blame someone. I just think it's misplaced.


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