Lisa Benson SMACKED DOWN Over 'White Privilege' Social Media Share?!?!

Here's the newspaper carrying allegations against more widely followed TV station. Checkit:

KSHB reporter: I was 'suspended' for post on white privilege | The Kansas City Star

A former reporter who was already suing KSHB-TV for racial discrimination contends she was fired for posting an article on her Facebook page about white privilege. While Lisa Benson Cooper's case is pending in federal court, a Twitter thread is drawing attention to a May 7 article in The Guardian that argues that white women play the role of victim whenever women of color assert themselves.


  1. I learned a long time ago never to hire a negro and never hire a woman.

  2. She smoked so much sherm her eyes are crossed forever.

    9:49 +1


    I learned my lesson.

  3. Even the stupid fucking Democrats know enough not to hire black women

  4. Is she even smart enough to realize she has no skills and the only reason she got the job is because she is a colored woman?

    1. They checked off two affirmative actions boxes with one worthless hire.

  5. If the negro unemployment rate is as low as reported, they should be kissing Trump’s feet. When I was a hiring manager I learned very quickly that black applications went straight into the shredder. On the 2-3 days a week that they actually showed up, they required constant supervision and/or gave attitude to their coworkers.

    1. But you have to understand if they work more than 3 days it fucks up the section 8 and food stamps

  6. One time a calculating but really dumb white bitch from Independence avenue actually admitted to using the system when feeling threatened on the street to the point of making up lies to make it sound like she was in real danger and that because she was white she will always get help faster than a black person.

  7. Just another desperate attempt at relevance, which she never had in the first place.
    And a great example of what airheads the television news "readers" really are.
    Currently there is an endless list of ways to be "victimized" and a very long list of trendy phrases to claim your grievance.
    White privilege.
    Police brutality.
    Just choose one from the list, make a sign, march around, make demands,create a new "hashtag", post on social media,
    and your an instant new local "celebrity".
    Desperate for attention and dialing for dollars.
    Nothing more.


  8. White privilege ? How funny! But if she talks like that black women on Channel 4 then I can see it, sometimes their grammar is Horrible.

    @ 2:44 It's called the Ferguson effect. Can you blame them?

  9. "“We can confirm that, in line with its contractural rights, KSHB did not renew Lisa Benson’s contract,” News Director Carrie Hofmann saiD

    Enough said move on.

  10. The story is muddled (of course, hey it's the Star!), but it sounds like the employer had a policy forbidding its employees from engaging in what progressives call "hate speech," including at a minimum speech that disparages on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, etc. ad nauseum. If that is the case, this employee very obviously violated the policy, and her suspension was justified.

  11. I think she just needs some white bone in her Jina... it could take all her pain away!

  12. Sounds pretty clear to me, 901. Think she was sort of a troublemaker, anyway.

  13. It appears she hasn't paid taxes in six years.
    Sues station for racial discrimination then posts a racist article.
    Clearly the rules just don't apply to her.


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