Lee Jeans Ditches Golden Ghetto

Another old school biz is on the decline because millennials have realized that buying more expensive brand names is for suckers.

Check the local impact . . .

Lee Jeans headquarters will move from Merriam

Merriam is losing one of its biggest employers. Lee Jeans will move its headquarters from Merriam, Kansas, as part of a plan announced Monday by its parent company to split in two.


  1. Millennials can only afford cheap mass produced crap produced in China.

  2. What the hell, it's only 180 jobs!

    "Voodoo Economics" job growth ought to make that up in fifteen minutes, if the Magnificent Economic Reports coming out of the White House have any credibility.

    If not, well then Merriam, I'm afraid you're as "Scrod" as the rest of us are.

  3. Lee jeans? Expensive? They are cheaper than Levi's. As a kid, we knew someone who worked there, so would always enjoy shopping for back-to-school clothes at their outlet store. But, I haven't worn jeans, except in the winter to shovel snow or rake leaves, in years. If I have to buy new jeans, I look at farm stores or other big box stores and buy the cheapest shit I can buy. I usually wear them two or three years, then they become shop rags. You can buy them for $5 at some stores. No longer a fashion trend.

  4. Nope, just a comfort trend, as they always were.
    Very little in this world more comfortable than a seven or eight year old pair of Levis.

  5. Lee has been moving out of that location for the past 20 years or so. My step-mother's whole dept was moved to Greensboro NC almost 18 years ago and most went with the move. Lee offered a great relocation package and my parents were thrilled to get the hell out of Prairie Village high tax area. But this isn't really that big of a story. I would bet based on past divisions pulled from the Merriam location to Greensboro they will offer a lot of these folks relocation money if they want to stay with the company. Interesting footnote, the folks pay about half in taxes than they did here and have some really wonderful looking country around them.

  6. The sun is shining in Kansas.


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