Lawsuit Against Kansas City Club Life SPAM

Nearly since the inception of this blog, there's a TKC commenter who HATES SPAM and here's a sign that his animus against this tech form of communication is garnering momentum . . . Take a look:

Customers file suits to ax spam from Bury the Hatchet, 3 P&L bars - Kansas City Business Journal

The lawsuits claim Bury the Hatchet KC, McFadden's, No Other Pub and Shark Bar violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 by collecting cell phone numbers and then sending unauthorized marketing text messages. All four suits seek $1,500 per violation of the TCPA.


  1. No no no no. You can trust the tech bros.

  2. I Love Spam, especially fried with mayo. So good.

  3. This is only a drop in the bucket of who has your number and can bury you in robo calling about everything.

  4. Make them show up in court and defend their preying ways.


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