Kobach Bets On Immigration Crackdown MAGA 'Build The Wall' Vote In Kansas

It's not a sure thing given that Prez Trump actually lost the GOP Primary vote in Kansas but the hard-right branding move clearly has the most enthusiastic supporters. Here's an outsider view of his candidacy:

Kansas is struggling financially, but for Republican Kris Kobach the race for governor is all about illegal immigration

Kris Kobach, who served as the head of President Trump's now-defunct voter fraud commission and has helped craft controversial immigration laws, is running for Kansas governor and touting his loyalty to Trump on "zero tolerance" and ending the DACA program.


  1. The GOP attracted all the MalconTENTs,
    and now they're all in one big TENT,
    and it's getting pretty damn TENTse!

  2. Just build a wall around Lawrence to keep all the homosexuals in.

  3. Can we just build the wall around Kansas?
    Or maybe just extend the Missouri and Colorado borders west and east respectively?

    It would be a lot cheaper than building a bridge across the whole State.

  4. I hope Kobackkk wins and finishes the job Scamin' Sammy started; the destruction of Kansas!

  5. We all know that Mexicans are streaming over the border by the thousands and straight into Kansas just so they can vote illegally.

  6. Maybe KKKobach can make Mexico pay for that wall.


  7. What a moron. How is a governor going to stop illegal immigration?

    A Texas governor could make that a priority.

    Kansas??? Sure, here's a campaign promise for you.

    Build a wall on the Kansas southern border and make Oklahoma pay for it.

  8. Klueles Kobach, say's im scared of immagrants. That's why we all need huge military grade weapons strapped to our vehicles... doo dooo


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