KCPD Looking For This Car Captured On Spycam After Latest Kansas City Homicide

Quick glimpse at local tech offering leads after the latest deadly KCMO shooting along with some contradictory comments from authorities . . .

"After finding an image from a street camera, detectives are looking for a green 1999 Honda sedan with dark or tinted windows. The car is believed to have been there around the time the shooting happened. The police do not necessarily think this vehicle is that of the killer, but they do want to talk with the person driving it. They do note that person could be armed and dangerous."

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KCPD investigating homicide on Wabash Avenue


  1. They should be able to read the license plate on the car, I've seen enough episodes of CSI to know they have the technology to clear up that photo.

  2. 4:06 what a dumb BITCH!! If you would READ, you'd know whether they were able to identify the license plate number. You're just a lonely dick-wad. Go jack your mother off.

    1. Damn, dude. Chill out. I agree with your point, but it’s not worth having a stoke over.

  3. Looks like another fellow caught that Ol' Wabash Cannonball.

  4. 4:33 PM Come on MoFo lets get it on!

    Meet up with me bitch I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget.

  5. "they found a man dead on a porch of a house who had been shot." You mean WHICH had been shot. Or possibly, "a man who had been shot dead on the porch of a house."

    Must be a recent J School grad.

  6. 6:45, what time do you want to meet on 33rd Wabash?

  7. 10:00 PM, look for a guy in a chiefs jersey.

  8. 8:29, you have 17 minutes.

  9. 8:29 is a no show. Not surprised COWARD

  10. You live in a real shit hole part of town bud, we pulled up there in 4 cars for twenty minutes until we left back to the Sprint to party.

    No one was there except some guy that drove by slow in an old Granada...was that you? Oh well I figured you didn't have the balls.

    Oh well we had fun and scoring pussy. Later you wuss.


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