KCK Stays Winning Against Crime???

Upbeat stat put on blast by police across the State Line offers hope of progress for an embattled part of town dealing with rising urban core problems with fewer resources than KCMO . . . Read more:

Violent crime is down in KCK by 14 percent


  1. Does it ever occur to anyone that these statistics could be made up?
    Does anyone ever question the sources and/or how they measure the stats?
    It is in the Police Dept.'s own interest to lie their ass off, isn't it?

  2. That a joke the blacks and Mexicans never call the po po to report crime since most are illegal or have warrants out on them.

  3. ^^Asshole probably hates Asians, too.

    1. Only when they fuck up his lunch order and forget the egg roll

  4. KCK criminals have probably determined it is safer to commit crimes in KCMO so the KCK criminals migrated to KCMO.

  5. 9:03 knows a thing or two about the Dotte. Sounds like the chief is pimping his resume before retiring. Then, move on to a cushy high paying job. Stats for political crime stays at a steady 100%. Good job.


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