Kansas Stays Winning By Catering To Degenerate Gambler Losers

The Sunflower State is looking to expand Medicaid because of a growing number of broke-ass residents (i.e. your grandma) who have fallen ill with little cash reserves. But in the meantime, here's a glimpse of good luck by way of profiting from vice . . . Translation, in reality his optimistic headlines reminds us that more people are losing their money because they don't understand math . . . Read more:

Casino gaming revenue is up nationally, especially in Kansas

New numbers show casino gaming revenue went up across the country, especially in Kansas. For the first time ever gaming revenue nationally surpassed $40 billion in 2017. Casey Clark with the American Gaming Association says in terms of revenue growth - Kansas outpaced even the national average.


  1. Yup, a Casino is guaranteed to make a profit, twenty cents of each dollar that comes in the door goes right into the Casino's pocket.

    In fact, it's impossible to go bankrupt owning a Casino - well almost impossible, there is one well-known "Super Businessman and TV Star" who's in the headlines a lot these days who managed to do just that!

    To this day, nobody's been able to figure out how he pulled that off!

  2. ^^^^^^^

    Oh really 7:35 How did the ones in Kansas City go under if it's impossible to go bankrupt????

    Oh and the super businessman "who's NOT a T.V.STAR" has done a lot for this country but then again like your other post on the NFL, you're too stupid to see that.

  3. ^^The Dictator has done nothing for this country. He has helped the 1% only.

    Yesterday, Trump talked about impeachment.

    Yesterday, Guilliani talked about impeachment.

    He is a criminal. Deport him back to Germany. Oh, that's right he claims to be Swedish.

  4. Hey 7:35AM-The casino's that left this area did not go bankrupt. They made a strategic business decision to leave an overly saturated market. Having 5 casinos in a 20 mile radius is not smart. You might know things like that if you ever thought for yourself. Quit watching Faux News, it has warped your brain. The only thing Donald Trump has done is sell America to the Russians. Learn to think critically and you might be saved the embarrassment of posting such idiotic nonsense in the future.

  5. Don't worry about the Russians @8:38, you and your kids and grandkids will be speaking Chinese soon if the Dems have their way.

  6. ^^well that's preferable to being sold to the Prussians. The Chinese have better food and are better businessmen.

  7. "Degenerate Gambler Losers" is a bit of a harsh term Tony. I am fairly well off and still like to play a couple buck in the video poker machines from time to time. :-P

  8. Yea, just wait until you hit a 100,000 payoff and you'll empty your kids trust fund to get that crack pipe rush back to you brain one more time.

  9. ^^Nah, that's just you. The rest of us can be disciplined players. You sound really stupid. Are you? But if you were, would you really even know?

  10. Correct, 12:30

    Some of us play for fun. We don't sell the house and car.
    I have won some big jackpots. Great. It was fun.
    Bought a bunch of new stuff with the winnings.
    Had my share of losses too. That is the way that it goes. Still didn't sell the house and the car. Didn't need to.
    11:29 is some loser who doesn't have two nickels to rub together.
    He is the guy that you see running from machine to machine punching the "cash out" buttons to see if he can scrape together cigarette money.


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