Kansas SecState Kris Kobach: Extremist???

Progressive argument against the right wing leader an impressive compendium of his controversial recent public moves.

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Kobach Primary Victory Shows GOP Taken Over By Trumpian Extremism | Right Wing Watch

Kansas Republican voters delivered Kris Kobach a squeaker of a victory in the state's gubernatorial primary, boosting the political career of a man who has spent years turning the GOP into the anti-immigrant, voter-suppressing party that President Trump rode to victory in 2016.


  1. Just a few practical questions about his agenda.

    How does Kobach build a statewide deportation force?

    How many new requirements does he impose on local police and county sheriffs?

    How much does he interfere with county jails to hold detainees.

    Who is paying for his police state?

  2. Funny we are to the point that wanting to enforce immigration laws is viewed as extreme. But wearing pussy hats protesting in the streets is considered normal. Might need a Looneyleft watch site.

  3. Byron Funkhouser8/16/18, 8:39 PM

    5:48 is he paying the legal bills for cities that drank his kool-aid?

    6:43, I don't want the immigration laws enforced because they are unjust. They were put in place as an act of racial hatred.

    Kobach is a racist.

  4. BLIEron, time for your meds and a bedtime story, lights out sweetie

  5. Western Kansas has a HUGE problem with ileagels They are working in the slaughter Houses and packing houses. There teenagers in Dodge City join gangs And the rob and steel sell drugs. Mat Dillion,Would have A Field Day, And,Festus Wouldn't have time to have a beer.

  6. Cryron @ 8:39 so you libs think that's the way society works. You just dont enforce laws you don't like? What happened to changing them through a process? Bet you don't like the idea of not enforcing a no guns at sporting events of pro choice laws huh? Double standard lefties.

  7. And still nobody answers how Kobach enforces immigration laws and deports people under state authority and resources. Or how much that costs and who pays.

    Still waiting.

  8. The liberal leaning press has brain washed everyone to the point that when a man with morals opens his mouth he becomes an extremist. It is the other way around.

  9. Retro,
    What's the solution? Just deport? Guess what, they're replaced with new illegals. Maybe go after the owners of the plants? Oh no, can't do that, these guys are in the pockets of the GOP. Besides, you see a lot of American citizens lining up for those meat packing jobs?

    I'd like to see some evidence of the gang activity you speak of too. Let me guess MS-13 has taken over?

  10. There have been a number of reports in western Kansas newspapers,Do your Google search. The information is out there. No it's not MS13,,

  11. Google Gang activities in Dodge City Kansas. The Dodge City Paper AND THE KANSAS CITY STAR REPORTED ON THIS. I don't make things up. I was in media for a number of years .

  12. Retro,
    You're gonna have to help me out man. I googled Gang problems in Dodge City, you're right, there's some news out there.....from fucking 2013. And it's guys shaking down the immigrant meat packing guys.

    Again, I posed questions that you ignored. What's the solution? You deport these workers, they're just replaced by other immigrants.

    This whole immigration issue in KC is overblown, sorry to say. Citizens are above the work these people do with few exceptions.


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