Kansas SecState Kobach Will Help Decide Fate Of Greg Orman's Campaign After Democratic Party Challenge Over Petitions

The say his candidacy could "upend" that status quo in Kansas but first he'll have to get past one of his competitors on a state review board . . . Read more:

Panel to decide Thursday if Orman can run for governor | The Wichita Eagle

A typically obscure panel of three Republican officials will wield total control Thursday over whether to end independent Greg Orman's candidacy for Kansas governor. By state law, its decisions are final. Absent a court challenge, there are no appeals.


  1. Let him run, we need more pink choices.

  2. Orman 2018!

    He has the best personality to be governor--a dynamic leader and someone who can manage things.


  3. Orman is a gadfly that is just going to screw up the election.

  4. C'mon, we all know what KKKobach is going to do here. Let Orman run and hose up the Democrats. The only hope is those Republicans who can't stomach KKKobach vote for Orman rather than KKKobach.

  5. Still want to know how much the Kansas GOP is paying Orman to split the "anti-Kobach" vote.

  6. @9:01, que pasa? There aren't any Republican's that are going to fall for the Orman hey-I'm-a-business-man tripe. He's a full blown progressive in Democrat clothing. Hopefully those considering a vote for him will look at just a few of his platform positions. Reads like the Chinese communist party (capitalist except for the all-powerful gov).


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