Kansas Lady Continues Court Fight After Police Ordered Her To Stop Praying

Here's the latest update on a tense court fight for Constitutional rights, religious freedom and noise complaints.

To be fair . . . I'm pretty sure God wants you to wear headphones when listening to talk radio . . . Or at least turn it down when neighbors complain.

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Supreme Court Orders New Hearing for Kansas Woman Ordered Not to Pray

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered a federal appeals court to rehear the case of a Kansas woman who sued police for allegedly mocking her for praying while investigating a noise complaint against her. The high court's 28 June 2018 unanimous opinion reversed a pair of decisions against 61-year-old Mary Anne Sause.


  1. I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in praying. I think the God damn police should have tazed her and arrested her.

  2. Batshit crazy.

  3. There's no God in Louisburg, KS.

  4. Anyone who bothers to even read an article on Snopes is an idiot.

  5. the Kansas City Atheist Coaltion WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS.

    Shut up in public with your preaching, and eventually you will have to shut up in hour own homes!!!!

  6. 8:01 Why don’t you shut the fuck up, faggot?

  7. There's a man who sucks his own dick.


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