In a controversial election that involved sketchy voting practices and extensive delays, the establishment Republican gave it up tonight.

To wit . . .


It wasn't pretty but a win is a win and only some Democratic lady and Greg Orman stand in the way way of an eventual takeover of the Governor's office.

Check the links:

Axios: Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer concedes to Kris Kobach

KSHB: Colyer concedes race for GOP nomination for KS governor, Kobach currently holds lead

KCTV5: Colyer's concession comes hours after new results from Johnson County pushed Kobach's advantage to nearly 350 votes.

KCUR: Colyer Concedes, Backs Kobach Keep Kansas Governorship Republican

Washington Post: Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer concedes GOP primary to Trump ally Kris Kobach

Chicago Tribune: Kobach will face Democrat Laura Kelly, and is likely to face independent candidate Greg Orman, in the November general election in the decidedly conservative state.

KCTV5: "Sam Brownback on steroids." Democratic nominee welcomes Kobach to Kansas general election race

NPR: With the polarizing Kobach at the top of the ticket, Democrats now see even more of a chance to flip the governor's mansion, or at least hope that the GOP nominee could be a drag further down the ballot, where several congressional seats are within reach for the party.

Fox News: Kobach took to Twitter to thank the governor for his endorsement and his “gracious call” to concede.

Mic: Kris Kobach, who ran Trump’s failed voter fraud commission, wins gubernatorial primary in Kansas

Politico: Kansas governor concedes defeat to Trump-backed Kobach

Reader request update: Some say it was an endorsement tweet from Prez Trump that put SecState Kobach over the top . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Actually great news from KCMO. No resident or business would want to stay in Kansas with Kobach in charge, we should welcome another influx of refugees and immigrants with open arms.

    1. Be fair, TKC, you should mention that is was the Trump tweet that put him over the top!

    2. Brownback Part II

  2. it will be interesting to see how kobach governs.

    there's a lot involved, including management. being governor means being in charge of a lot of people and leading them.

  3. Brownback, then Brownnose, who's next for Kansas Governor, Brownbelly?

  4. Does Kobach adpire to higher office? Will he be running for president in 2024?

  5. Chelsea 2024!

  6. Congratulations Mr. Kobach.

    Making Kansas Great Again.

    Anon @ 8:05... you crack me up. Only an idiot would leave KS for MO.

  7. if kobach held his own in johnson county, so be it.

    a surprise to me, however.

  8. ^^^^^^^^^ You mean he stole the vote in Johnson County. Typical Trumper.

  9. It was a foregone conclusion after the JOCO "boys" threw out those 800+ provisional Ballots that had been "spoiled" by having the space beside Colyer's name filled in.

  10. Colyer and Kobach have both been gentlemen during this situation. The Republican party owes a lot to Colyer. He has demonstrated first class behavior in his attempts to unify the party behind Kobach. I am impressed.

  11. Boo hoo hoo.

    The libs are losing their mind because Democracy won in the end and both of the Republicans acted with dignity and honor. The party will be united, win in November and get back on the right track after the media attempted to derail the progress of Governor Brownback.

  12. Kansas will get exactly what it deserves. Kobach has never built anything in his life, he exists just to tear down and to tear other people down. He will make the economy of the state even worse.

  13. I've voting for ur mom8/14/18, 10:00 PM

    Kansas is for suckers.

  14. It was a miracle that it was this close. Kobach has voters excited and he has way more support than Coyler. I think the interim governor did the right thing, he got out of the way of the better candidate.

  15. Greg Ormon wins the vote by 7 points in November.


  16. Wake up Kansas8/14/18, 10:02 PM

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Keep dreaming.

    Goodbye illegal aliens.


    The skeleton staff of Trump-deranged Liberal loons remaining at the Kansas City Star editorial board had a BYOD party tonight and got shit-faced.

    (Bring Your Own Depends)

  18. Kudos to Gov Colyer for conceding. He was man enough to admit he lost and gracefully stepped down. If the tide had been reversed I'm not to sure Kobach would have done the same but that didn't happen so we will never know.

    1. +1 ^^^^ Absolutely agree. In the long run, Colyer did the right thing for the benefit of the state of Kansas. I hope that in the future he doesn't abandon politics and actually works to improve voting in Johnson County. He would be a strong proponent for better elections.

  19. Kkkobach on election night win or lose; "Kkkobach announces bid for U.S. Senate".

  20. This is fantastic. Seldom do you get to watch a state implode like Kansas will.

  21. How does Kobach or his supporters figure he can deport people from Kansas?

    Is there a secret unused constitutional power available?

  22. Congrats to Kobach. Kansas continues to show traditional values are still alive and well in the center of the country. Crazy coastal elites screaming for socialism without even knowing what it is. Take KC management times 1,000 and you get some idea of what this country would look like. We're not all that far from the unthinkable, civil war. If Pelosi and Mad Maxine are running the house, better start buying all the 223/556 and 9mm you can get your hands on.

  23. We got a hell of a lot of illegal aliens to deport. Two terms may not be enough.

  24. Missourians

  25. Vermont voters just made it possible for a transgender freak to maybe be the Governor. And you freaks think Kansas is bad.

    1. I'll take a tranny over Kobach any day. At least they represent some thing new and something more interesting. Kobach is trying to turn the block back to 1952. That's not the way the world works.

    2. Bring it on. We could use some “1952” in this country again. Would it be so awful to have patriotism, stronger families, a good work ethic and more civilized behavior?

  26. With Trump as President and Kobach as governor there is no stopping the progress in Kansas. Look for more government support, more influence and laws to protect our citizens over the illegal immigrants.

    Look for Kobach for President in 2024 after President Trump completes his second term. We are making progress we are changing the way Democrats have ruined the nation. We are making America great again.

  27. I admire Governor Colyer. He could have fought harder and did more to challenge the system but he valued the future of his party more than his own career. That is a rare act of responsibility and something that shouldn't be overlooked. He did a very classy thing.

  28. Overland Park Democrat And Proud Of It8/14/18, 11:58 PM

    Kobach is gonna lose.

  29. Kobach isnt going to lose to a dem supported with planned parenthood blood money....babies blood.

  30. My money is on the green party.

    All of them.

  31. How is Kobach going implement his MKGA agenda?

    - Do Kansas state troopers get new assignments to look for illegals?
    - Are new officers hired?
    - Do they deploy to cities where they currently do not have immediate jurisdiction over town, city or county law enforcement?
    - Are local city and counties required to add new officers to enforce immigration policy? What are those? Checking papers of anyone stopped?
    - Do cities and counties that don't comply lose funding from the state?
    - Are school districts required to check the citizenship status of all students and parents?
    - Are local jails required to hold anyone that can't prove citizenship?

    All of this would be extremely expensive. Regular citizens will be required to comply with proving proof of citizenship too.

    City police departments and county sheriffs will despise being ordered to stop regular law enforcement and public safety duties to become the Governor's deportation force.

    The MAGA crowd will certainly cheer Kobach's big talk of cracking down on illegals. I'm guessing none of them will step up to explain HOW all this happens and answer the practical questions about what policies would be enacted and especially how much it costs. What tax increases are required to pay for this?

    We know Mexico ain't paying for it.

  32. ^^^ Strong families and patriotism... how does the gubmint impose that?

    Are we going to make divorce illegal, outlaw liquor by the drink, and start a military draft? Why not resegregate the schools too.

    Yeah, 1952 laws mandating behavior sounds wonderful.

    1. To my knowledge, neither divorce nor liquor was illegal in 1952. And no, I don’t see KS bucking federal laws about the draft or school segregation. I think you’re just a fear monger who’s still pissy because not everyone wants to turn the US into an anything goes shithole. There are plenty of those places in the world; if that sort of environment appeals to you, expatriate.

  33. Dan lz,
    You care to outline this fucking progress under Sam Brownstain you speak of? Here's a newsflash, dipshit. Cutting taxes to attract businesses to Hayseed, KS doesn't work. Societies require taxes to pay for things like quality education, police officers, and roads to name a few. Contrary to neanderthal beliefs it isn't to provide welfare (well, unless you're a farmer who bitches about welfare but gladly takes subsidies).

  34. Let's see… we're talking about a bankrupt State that consists of a thin veneer of parasites living along the Eastern edge, supporting themselves by sucking money out of another, more productive State, and with another thin veneer of failing, pumped out Gas and Oil Wells along the Southern border, with the rest of the State covered by... cows!

    And by what used to be fields of grain, but the greedy owners of those fields drained their aquifer, so now they're drought- riddled dry spaces, and then there are cows... and lots of Small Towns with a shrunken population trying desperately to fend off their inevitable demise, and...cows!

    And people are wasting time fussing over who's going to be the Governor of Kansas - typical!

  35. "To my knowledge, neither divorce nor liquor was illegal in 1952"

    Allow me to expand your knowledge of Kansas history.

    Kansas has still not ratified the 21st amendment repealing prohibition. Statewide prohibition existed in Kansas until 1948. Even after 1948, liquor by the drink was illegal, even in private clubs, until 1970. General sales were restricted until 1987. Amtrak and planes over KS could not serve alcohol.

    No fault divorce didn't exist in the US until California passed it in 1969. Family courts didn't exist in the 1950s. Divorces were handled in regular court and 1 party had to be found at fault. For example adultery had to be proved. Divorce was illegal unless you could go to court and prove specific charges against your spouse to be granted a divorce.

    The main point is all those cheering MAGA and lets go back to the 1950s should explain exactly what they expect KKKobach will do to bring that about. Society was not tolerate of any minorities in the 1950s. Schools were segregated. Homosexual acts were outlaws. Many did not want or trust a Catholic being the President. This isn't fear mongering. It's history.

    If Kansas is going to be more "pro-family", what does that mean. The greatest threat to families is heterosexual divorce. How is that changed?

    You tell me.

  36. Crickets...

    A list of potential Kobach law enforcement changes were listed to deport illegals. The question was asked - what would be enacted.

    The question about who pays for these expensive changes was asked.

    The MAGA people don't know how to answer.


    Please explain how Kobach enacts and pays for his police state.

  37. I bet the people who want 1952 again also HATE unions. In 1952 America was around 35% union. You know, mom could stay at home while her husband could provide for the family on a factory salary. He could buy a car, house, and send his kids to college, all on a union salary. But you hate unions.

  38. ^^^ ++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Let's also go back to the extremely progressive 1952 tax code. Jack those rates on the wealthy back to over 90% so we can balance the budget.

    I guess it wasn't all bad.


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