Kansas Guv Colyer Claims His Voters Were Turned Away And Seyz SecState Kris Kobach Should Recuse Himself From Recount

The margin of SecState Kobach's victory is wearing thinner by the hour as the sitting Guv seems to be calling out election shenanigans.

Along with ASKING SECSTATE KOBACH TO GIVE UP HIS ROLE IN THE RECOUNT . . . Here's today's statement and his new effort:

Colyer establishes voting integrity hotline

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer's campaign office announced Thursday that they have established a voting integrity hotline after being inundated with calls and emails Wednesday.


  1. You heard it here first.

    Kobach is auditioning to replace Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.

    He has already proved to Trump that he would enforce any immigration policies requested. He could also investigate voter fraud without a commission looking over his shoulder.

    Now he proving he won't bow to the liberal media complaints about conflicts of interest and would never ever recuse himself.

    The non-recusal part is the main Trump requirement for AG. If Kobach can't fix the vote here to be Governor, Trump will want Kobach to be his loyal fixer at the Justice Dept in DC.

  2. Why does Colyer need to establish his own reporting hotline and email (CountMyVote@jeffcolyer.com)?

    Isn't there an established state office that impartially handles those requests? Like a Secretary of State that monitors elections?

    Oh yeah...

    Kansas "ethics". What a cesspool. Becoming a swamp would be an improvement.

  3. F.U.B.A.R.

  4. Oh Bullshit! $20 says it's leftist trolls stirring the pot and Collyer's falling for it.

    Get a damn grip, if Kobach's committing election fraud in his office it would be the first time in the history of elections that a count was manipulated in favor of the opponent. Kobach's LOSING numbers, not gaining. SHEESH!

    Discrepancies happen, that's why initial results are preliminary and not yet certified to be correct. It happens in every election, get over it.

  5. Bullshit, it's not a leftest conspiracy. It was a closed GOP primary.

    Besides, the "leftests" would prefer Kobach find a way to finishing rigging it. He has higher negatives than Colyer among moderates and swing voters.

    Colyer has a legit conflict of interest complaint. All results are suspect as long as Kobach is involved in the recount. How do we know they didn't find 200 Colyer votes and only reported 100? We don't. A narrowing leading doesn't mean Kobach is clean. Sheesh.

    If Kobach had any integrity, he would recuse himself for the APPEARANCE of conflict.

  6. Lefou Delaplate8/9/18, 9:18 PM

    When Kobach went to Yale Law they did cover the concept of "ethics" but he was suffering a really bad case of "bonespurs" that day, and missed out completely.

  7. ^^^ You need to up your game a bit. Lame.


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