Kansas City: When It Rains, It Floods

The storm knocked out power for Blue Valley schools . . . Quick weather update and the latest local reminder that KCMO storm sewer infrastructure is one of many local failings that can't be fixed with a political pet talk . . .

FORECAST: Strong storms to start your Thursday


  1. During the last storm I thought there was an earthquake occurring during the storm as my house was rattling and shaking. After the storm I realized the neighbor's donkey had been scratching his ass on the corner of my house.

  2. ^^^hahahahahah. Oh boy! Wow, that was funny as shit! LOL!!! ROTFL! Hahahahahahaha! My God, the comedy! Pure gold! My God man, what are doing on here? You need to be in Hollywood! Hahahahahahaha! This is comedy gold!!!!!!!

  3. Did the Coaches gay bar flood again ?

  4. ^^^I don't know, what did your husband say?

  5. We have been with out electricity in South KC since 1030,maybe i will go ride Slys folly trolley


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