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Quick afternoon snack of eye-candy mental junkfood regarding that nation's favorite hottie . . .

OKMag: Are Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Engaged...Again?

GossipCop: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston NOT ‘Officially In Love Again,’ Despite Report

In Style: Talk about her all you like, but with great friends, cool new projects, and still-perfect hair, Jennifer Aniston is doing just fine.

Closer to home these news links aren't quite as captivating but still more relevant to local life . . .

Crosstown Traffic Delay Starts Now

Up to 75-minute traffic delay expected as crews repair bridges along I-470 in Jackson County

Drivers throughout the Kansas City area have had to deal with construction-related traffic for most of the 2018 summer as crews work to repair the metro's many thoroughfares. On Thursday, the Missouri Department of Transportation plans to begin another project that could delay Jackson County drivers up to 75 minutes.

Big Bucks For Worthless KC Degree

Kansas City Art Institute raises $22M for new dorm - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Art Institute raised $22 million in bonds for a new dormitory. The Health and Educational Facilities Authority issued bonds July 1 to cover the cost of constructing and furnishing the new student housing building, as well as to refund a previous series of bonds from 2005.

Nice Po-Po Human Interest Story

Diagnosed with ALS, KCPD officer forges ahead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is no cure for her disease, but a Kansas City, Missouri Police officer isn't letting that stand in her way. "I knew how weak I was and I knew what was going on," said 29-year-old KCMO Officer Sarah Olsen.

Savor Snarky Kansas City Sammy Review

All the Yums - Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches

Ok yes. It's true that I've not posted in some time. But I've been busy reading about Mesoamerican creation myths and pretty much living in constant fear that the fourth age is about to end with the Earth being ushered into the fifth age by some spider grandmother after some white dude dressed in red shows up.

Kansas City Discovers Kiki Hype Weeks Into Social Media Marketing Scheme
Police warn against doing 'Kiki Challenge' out of moving cars | The Kansas City Star
Wildcat Legacy Renewed

K-State coach Bill Snyder gets new 5-year-deal

Kansas State University announced Thursday that football coach Bill Snyder has agreed to a contract extension through 2022. Snyder, 78, will make $3.45 million in 2018 with $300,000 increases over the next two years, ESPN's Jake Trotter reported. His new deal means he's signed to coach the Wildcats until he's 83.

Hipster Weekend Starts Now

Hand Pies, Grape Harvesting & Other Weekend Possibilities

Waldo Thai Place (8431 Wornall Road) opened this Wednesday in the former Swagger space. The restaurant run by the Liberda family, who has owned and operated several area Thai restaurants over the past two decades, has main dishes (gaeng gai, a coconut red curry, and fried rice) and shareable plates (house fried chicharrones called Buddha Chips, spicy basil wings).

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. having the art institute do well is good for kc.

    as to degrees, some art grads are highly sought after by internet-related companies.

    savannah college of art and design has grown from small to highly successful. kcai could do the same.

  2. there is no cure for ALS b/c the medical industry is a bunch of bureaucratic assholes that cannot study the positive effects of ayahuasca. If the stimulating neurogenesis of ayahuasca with psychotropic effects sounds scary, studies in spain utilized ayahuasa devoid of it's psychotropic effects for MS. That's right, ayahuasca grows nerves. If i was her i'd be on a plane to brazilian Santo Daime community not driving over to KU medical Systems. Where did they get all that money for that fancy rehab.

  3. Personally if doctors gave me a death sentence, i'd take the psychotropic effects, b/c are you aue they are 'psychotropic' or an embrace of god.

  4. although word aue means an exclamation of pain or distress, i meant to type the word 'sure'.


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