Kansas City Sunday Night News Look

A consideration of and angelic hottie, her panties and stock prices for Monday morning . . .

Seeking Alpha: L Brands - The Secret Is Out 

Daily Mail: Candice Swanepoel preaches virtues of breastfeeding 

The Street: The Best Trade on the Demise of Victoria's Secret

Zacks: Why L Brands (LB) is Poised to Beat Earnings Estimates Again

BB: Candice Swanepoel has been crowned the 'most influential lingerie model' on Instagram.

More than a few news links to start the day:

Agenda Inside The Loop This Week

Yardbird celebration lays down the beat for the week ahead

From Yardbird to 816 Day; Happy Together to The Producers; and from Sam Smith to Victor & Penny ... Downtown will be in party mode all week long. Let's roll the highlight reel for the week in arts and entertainment - Monday to Sunday, Aug.

More KC Mommies Addicted

Kansas City groups rethink drug recovery for mothers

Kansas City health and social service groups are testing a new approach for mothers undergoing drug recovery by keeping families together. The number of infants born dependent on opioids in Missouri has more than quadrupled since 2011, KCUR-FM reported. The number of children entering the state's foster care system is simultaneously growing as well.

Traffic Hot Mess Cont'd This Week

TRAFFIC ALERT: Expect major delays, lane closures at I-70 and I-470

Major delays and lane closures at I-70 and I-470 start Monday and could slow you down this week. Anyone driving through Independence should definitely give themselves a little extra time. Delays could reach up to 75 minutes at peak drive times. Over the weekend, all loop ramps to and from both Interstate 70 and Interstate 470 were closed.

Kansas City Final Resting Place???

Family fears two missing men may have been lured to Longview Lake area

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. -- The families of two men are looking for answers, both disappeared nearly a week ago. Families of Michael Brewer and Keith Wasmer are holding out hope their loved ones are safe. They say both men went to the Longview Lake Marina to meet a man named Sam.

Time For Chili No More In JoCo

Fritz's Chili owner says he's calling it quits

Fritz's Chili, at 6737 West 75th Street in Overland Park, is closing its doors for good next week. One of Johnson County's oldest restaurants, customers know the place and menu as anything but fancy. Just good food at a good price, where the chili is served piled on a plate, not a bowl.

Hipster Foodie Switcherooo

Fox and Pearl will open this month in the formel Novel space on the Westside

When chefs Ryan Brazeal and Jessica Armstrong moved Novel from the house on the hill at 815 West 17th Street to the Crossroads, there were no immediate plans for a new restaurant to occupy their former space (which was Lil's before it was Novel).

Kansas City Royal Temper Tantrum

Duffy roughed up and ejected as Royals drop second straight in I-70 Series

KANSAS CITY - Jack Flaherty got a lift from St. Louis' lineup, and the rookie right-hander made the most of it. Flaherty struck out nine in seven innings, and the Cardinals beat the Kansas City Royals 8-3 on Saturday night for their fourth straight win.

Passenger | To Be Free is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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