Kansas City Suffers Bloody August Tradition: Litany Of Local Crime Fighting Forums

Here's the latest enthusiastic local report featuring activists, faith leaders and politicos excited about "solutions" that have all been tried before and failed . . . Read more:

New diverse group aims to tackle crime in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dozens of activists, clergy, city leaders and concerned citizens gathered Thursday night with a common goal: develop ways to stomp out Kansas City's crime problem. On April 5, 2014 Alonzo Thomas IV was shot and killed outside his family's home near 71st and Wayne in Kansas City.


  1. An fatal ethno-virus is our only hope for peace.

  2. Facilitate!
    Identify stakeholders!
    Go home and watch the local news to see if you were on it.
    Post selfies on FaceBook.
    See if you can hustle up "some funding".
    What's the YTD homicide count today?

    1. That was my next question. 83 ?

  3. Reduce violent crime in Kansas City by 90+% by providing transportation to relocate area blacks to S. Africa where killing whites is the government approved program today. Sly could teach their leaders how to build trains, hotels, and set up pre K tax scams.

    Once a thriving country, due largely to the Dutch Boers, Nelson Mandela's legacy, the African National Congress (ANC), has reduced it to just another black run shithole.

  4. The Police THE Feds the A.T.F.KNOWS why the Crime is happening. The Local Media knows they will not report it. There are many documentries,on crime. If the media told you what is really going on it would affect the KANSAS CITY ECONOMY .YOU you take your friends and Family To a crime ridden City. Look at the SPECIAL REPORTS there are many of them.

  5. All of these failing feel good programs should merge with Big Brothas and Big Sistas to provide mentoring to potential criminals and show them there is a better way other than crime. The leaders of the failing feel good programs could start mentoring the kids in their community.

    Big Brothas and Big Sistas do good work.

    Go4KC please notice this is a solution being offered.

  6. And how does this group think it will differ from NOVA, Aim for Peace, Mothers in Charge, etc. The community has invested time and/or money in everything but magic beans and it solves nothing. The sooner people realize that the negro culture embraces and reveres violence and that murder is just part of their lifestyle, the better off everyone will be.

  7. 10:33 is right on the money. Well done....


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