Kansas City Stormy News Links Tonight

Prez Trump gets down and dirty (again) with this pr0n star . . .

Reuters: Citing free speech, Trump seeks dismissal of Stormy Daniels defamation case

Closer to home, here's more than a few rainy day news links, take a look:

Kansas City Powerless Against Rain???

Strong winds topple trees, power lines as storms pass through Kansas City

Strong storms passing through the Kansas City area Tuesday afternoon have toppled trees, some structures, and have left thousands without power. Kansas City police and fire crews have been called to respond to trees and power lines down from across the area. Three people were hurt when lightning struck a tree in Kansas City, Kansas.

Stormy Warning Endures
Weather: 3 injured after lightning strikes tree in KCK
Rush Hour Rain

Storms burble up, hit Kansas City metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A line of storms Tuesday afternoon caught the metro during the evening rush hour. The storms caused low visibility and slow drive times. Extremely poor visibility as a thunderstorm rolled through southern Johnson County.

Help Find These Suspects

KCK police asking for help to identify suspect in Monday attempted kidnapping

The Kansas City, Kansas police department is asking for help to identify the suspect in a Monday afternoon attempted kidnapping. Officers were called to 1106 Pacific Avenue around 4 p.m. Monday on an attempted kidnapping call. The victim told police the suspect was a black male in his 20's with an average build, short hair, and he was wearing dark clothing.

Deadly KCK Altercation
KCK police investigate homicide at 11th, Freeman
Tigers Nix Tobacco

The University of Missouri Goes Tobacco-Free

COLUMBIA, Mo- The University of Missouri is now a tobacco-free campus.

Lesson In Spending???
When Schools Are Ranked By Debt And Spending, Kansas Kicks Butt - The Sentinel
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Stormy Daniels looks like a man in drag. No hips, ugly face, and big, saggy fake boobs. What was Trump thinking?

  2. 12:10 - Really? I'd love to see who you're sweatin on. I'm sure she's a real looker. Trump, arguing free speech....that's rich. Just for himself and anyone who shares his views though.

  3. Wait...@ 8:29, you are implying that Stormy Daniels is attractive? She's seriously fugly. What are YOU sweating on that you think that is hot. 12;10 is right. She looks like a man.

  4. I'm implying that your basement dwelling ass would hit that in a heartbeat. Yeah, I'm sure you turds are just waaaaay too fucking good for that.


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