Kansas City Stays Winning Or Losing Against The Competition?!?!?

Public TV civic juxtaposition . . . Take a look:

"How does Kansas City compare to other peer cities when it comes to jobs, our economy and growth? We're here to find out."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. KCMO has the fair weather toy train, momentum, high crime rate and doing nothing about it, moving ahead, poor trash pickup, losing sports teams, bio hazard public bathrooms, the pot hole pansy program, failed infrastructure, and the joke on Oak.
    What more would anybody want?

    1. Well, actually we have way more than our share of faggots to put up with as well. Very unpleasant.

  2. The Chiefs are a winning team in contrast to three quarters of the league. Your other points are correct, the Chiefs may be looking at San Antonio.

  3. KCMO being touching Kansas hurts the city more than anything, from creating shitty schools, to slowing job growth, etc. Much easier for people to just one mile west and live a much better life than stick around in a mismanaged and expensive city. This video, as much as it pretends to be objective doesn't even address this. Few mention this.

    Why would businesses come to KC when you can get a much cheaper and easier lifestyle out in overland park? Pretty sad to watch KCMO build all this shit without supporting basic infrastructure or enticing employers to move here and building good school. Kansas has the talent...the University of Kansas is like 20 minutes away and even K-State isn't too far away. The talent stays in the KS side and rarely crosses over to missouri, because why should it? That is the reality

  4. Killa City is a shit hole. Omaha is nice.

  5. ^^Great. Geriatrics giving their worthless opinions about a city none of them go out in. Sorry to break in to you geezers, but Wolfferman's is long gone.

  6. Losing! Next question.

  7. Anything positive or substantial happening in KCMO is happening IN SPITE OF what passes for local government there.
    Imagine what might happen if residents elected people to the city council who actually cared about such things as public safety, well-maintained streets and sidewalks, reasonable utility bills, common sense planning and zoning, financial responsibility, and all the rest of the basics that actual city governments provide to increase the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors, all three.
    The folks who vote for this crap and especially those who don't vote, get exactly what they deserve.
    KCMO is a drag on the entire region.

  8. We follow whatever Indianapolis does and they’re three steps ahead of killa shitty so in Indy is doing good then we’re doing just ok, otherwise we’re losing

  9. Exactly!

    How is KC doing? It starts with an examination of the immediate past.

    1-Giving close to a billion dollars of incentives to a local company (Cerner) without getting anything in return such as artwork, such as a long-term financial commitment to the universities, such as building part of that development with KC’s minority work force, or such as locating that Cerner employee headcount to a downtown campus type setting in return for those same incentives or more is just simply not wise. Its small thinking. The city is investing in its downtown then subsiding one of the area’s largest employers to locate far away from downtown. None of this is wise when better options were available.

    2-Giving a private developer $35-million cash off the city’s balance sheet to build a convention hotel and not calling it truly what it is – a public-private partnership is not wise and it is misleading. Not including the $15-million of interest payments on that principle amount for a total of $50 million of taxpayer commitment is more than not wise. It is absolutely misleading.

    3-A mayor and city manager who repeatedly announce they have spent seven years knitting that hotel deal together is just stupid. Who announces your weakness? I am embarrassed for them. Do you know how many hotels have been built in 7- years around North America? That convention hotel project should have taken 6-months to trigger. When that large-scale convention hotel opens, 10-years from its conception, it will be outdated. Pursing all hotel guest demographics is the current strategy that drives hospitality development. The entire conference hotel project is just so naïve.

    4-Launching a new airport terminal (the city’s largest project in a generation) in secret at a private members-only-club, then advocating a $1.2-BILLION “NO-BID” project to one developer is not wise. Having the city manager then publically comment that same developer would receive a Swiss Cheese (free look at other subsequent proposals) is not wise. These stories ran nationally in the Business Journal. What kind of message does that send about our city? It is not good. I travel for work, I’ve heard all about it from my colleagues around the nation. It’s embarrassing. Having city hall simply say the process of a large scale project is it is like making sausage is so utterly stupid.

  10. 5-When the minority business community then demands a work force level so great on the airport project, “that demand” becomes the story and threatens the project, what kind of message does that send to the nation? That is hard to do business in KCMO. More importantly, why weren’t minority work force goals included in those first meetings at the private club?

    6-After Amazon announced a competition to locate a second headquarters, KC then brought-in “theorists” to debate suburban development sites and the game was lost. When the city then shoved a bunch of development parcels into a proposal while the Mayor undertook a silly promotion that played off the words “KC” and “Amazon,” the hole just got deeper. What KC should have done is evaluated both its strengths and weakness for that specific opportunity. Doing so would have flushed out KC’s geography is a downfall for a second North American Amazon headquarters. What KC should have done was to compete to earn a spot on the short list. Bragging rights on that would have been so very useful for years to come in recruiting future business. Instead, the city where Google Fiber was launched, a city with all the smart city achievements, a city with a global cell phone provider, a city on Techweek rotation lost out to our peer cities of Nashville, Indianapolis, Columbus. Just plain shameful.

    Naïve community boosters are partly to blame, very naive elected officials are to blame. A disengaged public is partly to blame. However the nexus of all these problems lands on the city mangers desk. A savvy experienced city manager would have “managed to avoid” all these issues. Instead KCMO promoted someone from the city hall finance department to be city manager. He’s a likable big teddy bear of a guy. Don’t be fooled though. He is learning on the job. He is learning how to be a city manager of a major metropolitan area. He is VERY skilled in juggling his council and civic boosters and telling each of them separately what they want to hear. He is skilled at keeping his job, but he is NOT the right fit for KCMO.
    You have to understand our local history to understand WHY Kansas City is where we are. And understand WHY we are asking the questions posed in the video.

    KCMO needs get out of its own way. KCMO needs a new posture. It needs to adopt a more wise and shrewd way of thinking.

    It needs a city manager that brings that wisdom with him from a long career at other cities.

    I would like to see a video comparing and contrasting the city managers of our peer cities. How many were hired without any experience?

  11. ^^^All excellent points, but I'd add letting neighborhoods, our city's strongest suit, and our infrastructure deteriorate while building (and potentially expanding) a useless fixed rail streetcar that duplicates many bus routes and subsidizing the construction of luxury apartments for millennials who will be out of here when they get first +that call from Boston, Silicon Valley, etc.

  12. @1:37 @1:38 has hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day we are simply not being well served by the hired help.

  13. 1:37/1:38 nailed it!! Very potent observations!! Troy Schulte and Sly James have been utter failures, and the City and Metro will be paying the price for their failures for decades to come!!!

  14. It’s Missouri what else would you expect?

  15. Kansas City MO is a pimple on the butt of Johnson County KS. The wealthy movers and shakers control what happens on the MO side of the state line. With that split personality syndrome, KCMO can never be anything but a loser.


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