Kansas City Star Touts Lame Duck Mayor Sly Pre-K Sales Tax Redux 'Strategy' After FAIL

Check newspaper promo disguised coverage arguing for a regressive tax with more local "partners" offering their approval.

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Sly James' pre-K, KCI reversals have similar tactics | The Kansas City Star

Mayor Sly James stood alone behind the podium last Friday morning, his voice echoing off the marble walls of what was once the men's smoking lounge at Union Station. It was a familiar spot for the two-term mayor: Alone with an idea he believed was fully baked and ready to go.


  1. Money. Buildings, and lies Money , Buildings, and lies. In the meantime the city is full of crime, and mental patients running around shooting people on their front porch and jumping out in front of cars at Armour and Troost.

    And MAC thinks they are going to rent the apartments and retail spaces they are going to build over there??? NO... Good luck to the residents in Central Hyde Park your property value is toast!

    Send an email to the Gov. tell him Sly is the Problem.

  2. KCK also wants a pre-K program. KCMO and KCK should merge their pre-K ideas and hold the classes in the old Kemper arena.

  3. There are no "tactics" in evidence here.
    Just harebrained ideas followed by lying and nonsensical rationales.
    Sly says taxpayers can either pay for pre-K, OR pay for prisons later.
    That's the only choice?
    What a clown!

  4. Mayor


  5. The solution -

    STERILIZE the baby factory's and remove the EBT cards.


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