Kansas City Star Hack Kraske Campaigns For Sunflower State Democratic Challengers

Partisan talking points thinly disguised as "analysis" given that his predictions have been painfully incorrect since he was regulated to part-time professor work. Checkit:

Kansas Democrats could win seats in Congress, governor's race | The Kansas City Star

In March 2017, John Gibson kept saying it over and over again. "There's no place I'd rather be as a Democrat right now," the chairman of the Kansas Democratic Party said of his home state. A statement like that was more than just a little looney.


  1. The star is so biased its disgusting.

    -FORMER subscriber


  2. Hype?????

    This indian women is far left as all of the democrats are today. If you want to go into Venezuela mode vote for her otherwise give her the boot back to Wisconsin with her tribe who treat white people rally bad and get by with it.

    BTW is she a tranny? Her hair starts in the middle of her head....weird.

  3. The so called "blue wave" is a joke. Not going to happen.

  4. this is what they were saying about Sidie in 2016 and the attractive democratic gubernatorial candidate facing sure-to-lose brownback.

    this piece isn't rigorous enough to be an article or even analysis. it's weak.

    somehow the guy got a chip in his shoulder.

  5. another former subscriber agrees.

    we're readers of a mcclatchy paper in another city and it's much better although still leftist, but better on local and regional news for its area.

    what's wrong in kc?

    when we sneak a peak at the newspaper or occasionally buy a sunday edition, there's not much there.

  6. Well, they certainly put a positive spin on things don't they? They are wrong, and will be clinically depressed when they realize that USA isn't ready for Socialism... yet.

  7. Far left?

    TYT, Cortez, Welder, and all the Bernie folks said she was too moderate.

    Please settle on a consistent complaint. Is she a corporate Democrat or a far lefty?

    Drop the tranny lesbo stuff. That's really weak.

  8. Here's one. Her main qualifications for office appear to be her superficial diversity categories. What else would you expect? She's a Democrat.

  9. After November the blue wave will be called the pink puddle.

  10. But her mom was in the military. Doesn't that count for some votes?

  11. She has no government experience?

    She worked at the fucking White House.

    Fail. Try again.


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