Kansas City Sneak Peek: Our Daily Nada

For our late night shift worker pals, check this really fun local biz debut clip which offers a happy glimpse at middle-class life wherein locals live like Instagram supermodels and actually have friends, social lives and enough leisure time to read the printed word . . .

Our Daily Nada (304 Delaware St.) in the River Market is set to open with cocktails and favorite books.

Shared not because we'll ever get a spare moment to enjoy such an indulgence but simply because it offers a nice KCMO respite during a lunch, smoke and/or toilet break . . . Take a look:

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Looks nice. Glad we live in a city where people still at least have the desire to read and socialize with people over good food and ideas. Other cities have given up on trying to talk to each other altogether. This is a wonderful idea and I hope they're successful.

    1. Yes, very precious, it may only last a few months but I'm sure it will be fun and moments they'll treasure they're entire lives. Reminds me a nicer books store than the one featured in Portlandia.

    2. Better than the library, the homeless can't ruin the place because they have to place an order before they just loiter around and stink up the place. Good business plan. KC public library should think about doing the same.

  2. Midtown KC Chester8/16/18, 12:21 AM

    Do they have a porn magazine collection? If so, I'm all in and bringing some tissue to browse their selections!

  3. The only problem I see is that books are so old fashioned. Can you imagine how antiquated KC will look to our 25 million tourists? Maybe if the books were replaced by Kindles? I would just hate to see this outdated method of enlightenment curb the momentum of making KC world class.

  4. @ 4:53, I agree. Perhaps BYOK, bring your own Kindle?



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