Kansas City Sassy Conservatives Blogger Considers Prez Trump Policy

Right-wing quotes and just a bit of insight into the current Administration from a longtime local blogger and rising star talker . . .

Thoughts on Donald Trump...

You decide . . .


  1. Establishment Republicans Are Not Conservatives8/11/18, 1:56 PM

    This lady is a perfect example of mainstream conservatism at it's most oblivious. A virtue-signalling Christian who apparently believes that 15 million dollars a day for Israel and more spilled American Blood fighting Israel's enemies is a "good Middle East policy". Quotes by Ben Shapiro reflect a steady Fox News diet (hint: Fox News is a fraction to the right of center). I say "virtue-signalling" because she has much concern about the plight of Africans(very nice "see how wonderful I am" photo surrounded by black African children) while White South Africans continue to face genocide (didn't see any articles regarding their plight). But, everyone knows that helping White people doesn't produce the inner feeling of God-approved nobility that comes from helping blacks. Much Ado.


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