Kansas City Royals Suffer Another Sweep

Another setback for the home team during this "rebuilding" season which sadly hasn't featured many big moves other than getting rid of the old team.

Take a look:

BREAKING: Royals lose again

Another weekend, another three losses for the Royals, who just keep bottoming out further and further in the standings. They're more than 40 games under .500 and it's still the first week of August. It really makes you wonder how low the bar is going to go.


  1. The first wet t-shirt night will need alot of silicone to be successful now, with half price tickets, beer and free parking.

  2. Although they lost 3 in a row- they actually did better than I thought they would.
    Pitchers allowed 5 or 6 runs per game- could have been more.
    Escobar is still batting in the majors? Who would pay to watch that?
    Gordon still batting? Why? Royals need to get a new rule change for Gordon: Designated Fielder!
    The Star still wastes money paying reporters and photographers to work there? Why? Let a free intern!
    Ned is old and so goes the Royals’ game...wake everyone up in 20 years....

  3. The Royals seriously need a better batting coach. They're chasing way too many pitches well outside the strike zone. Perez in particular can't lay off a low and away pitch. Too many strikeouts with runners on base. Or maybe coaching would not help, they're just poor hitters.


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