Kansas City Royals: Road To Nowhere

A comforting look and nice read regarding yet another Kansas City FIRST TO WORST season which finally acknowledges that the team doesn't have much hope of improvement any time soon after this horrific season. Checkit:

Kansas City Royals Are On The Path To Franchise Futility

The Kansas City Royals are on pace to break a team record. It's not one they'll be proud of. In 2005, the team lost 106 games. There are 29 left this season, and whatever the Royals' record is by then, it may not be the worst in baseball.


  1. Where are the discounts to go tour the K and maybe watch a bit of the game ?

  2. Good question, 8:25. When merchants have a product that isn't selling, they lower the price to attract buyers. And it usually works. That logic apparently is lost on sports franchises.

  3. ^^Jesus Christ, they are everywhere. First, sign up on their web site and they send you emails for ticket deals three or four times a week. Maybe instead of complaining about it, figure it for yourselves. Goddam, you figured out how to bitch on a blog, but you can't figure out how to search for ticket deals?

  4. Ever heard of StubHub?

    I got ticket for tonight’s game v. Baltimore.
    Normally $80. Got it for $30. Lower level

    I deliberately chose to go tonight because:
    -Playing Baltimore, who has just as bad a record as we do
    -Thus, minimal interest by most, thus cheap tickets from those wanting to unload them
    -But, probably highest probability the Royals can win vs other teams
    -Friday night fireworks, added entertainment afterwards

    Just gotta think and reason things out and “do your homework”

    Now, in typical TKC fashion, you may now mindlessly and in juvenile troll way start calling me “some faggy d-bag fanboy.”

  5. So Joesph is spending $30.00 for a ticket, plus parking, etc. to watch the two worst teams in baseball. Fool and his money...

  6. Might as well have Queer Night at the K. Let faggots and lesbians in for half price. Have all the faggots suck each other during the 7th inning stretch

  7. A ticket is a small part of the expense. Parking and refreshments need to be discounted too.

    1. Sport. Dude. They don’t want cheapskate geezers like you there. Nobody does.

  8. Anybody want to know his home address where he works and what he drives?


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