Kansas City Royals Need To Nix Ned Yost???

Despite the inevitable outcry from sentimental fanboys . . . Here's a tough but worthwhile consideration of the next move for the front office that will save cash, crush spirits but might prove the only way to move forward . . . Read more:

Kansas City Royals: Is the departure of Ned Yost inevitable?

This season hasn't been pretty for our boys in blue. Sitting dead last in the AL Central and tied for the worst record in baseball with Baltimore, the overall feeling conveys the impression that a change is on its way.


  1. Ned is a terrible game manager but there is no reason to fire him now. The Royals are bad because they have very few players that are major league players. Blame the cheapskate inbred hillbilly owner, the inept Jesé freak general manager and the scouting department. They are responsible for putting this team together and failed epically.

  2. How does he look in a wet t-shirt on Gayball night at the K ?

  3. Someone needs to go, but not sure it's Ned. We had a championship team and now we don't... seems to me Ned is not responsible for that. You can't make prime rib out of cheese.

  4. Ned hasn't swung a bat, thrown a pitch or fielded a ball. He's worked with what he's given. If you want to find blame, look at who was behind drafting Bubba Starling in the first round, or how the organization has counseled players on PEDs, alcohol or other substances (Bonifacio, Duffy, Ventura, etc.)and finally, who was behind the last TV contract that short-changed an already penurious club that was ascendant and could have reaped tens of millions more to help finance the kind of players needed to stay competitive during this transitional period.


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