Kansas City Rent Spike Underway But Landlord Social Justice Crackdown Inspections Won't Start Any Time Soon

Check more deets about the constant fight against rent . . . Meanwhile, don't expect much urgency for City Hall given that so many bigger money voter initiatives are also stalled.


New Kansas City rental inspection program will soon help residents hold landlords accountable

The recently passed Healthy Homes Initiative, overwhelmingly approved by Kansas City, Missouri voters, will begin in September. "To actually campaign and have people listen to us and hear our story," petitioner Diane Charity said, "I am ecstatic!" Organizers say the initiative is aimed at helping renters who have trouble getting their landlords to respond to complaints.


  1. This "program" will enjoy the same competent implementation as most everything else in KCMO.
    Exhibit A?
    Maintaining and repairing fire hydrants.
    Not a priority for the city.
    The folks who probably really need some help with a sleazy landlord won't get the time of day.
    The shouters on local television will get their 2.5 minutes of fame.
    And now on to the next big big empty announcement from 12th and Oak!

  2. Maybe James landlord will jack his rent up 100%

  3. And here is one less apartment available for rent, just too much hassle vs the income. And it is a nice apartment on the third floor of a Hyde park home. This city manages to screw up everything in the name of helping the underserved. Pity.


  4. A gadfly in Central Hyde Park says you can't rent your third floor or your carriage house so don't let her find out you have an apartment for rent on your third floor or she will call the city on you. Her name is Mrs Kansas City/ Hyde Park. Good news is she is dirt poor and should be leaving soon.

  5. Diane Charity is a glory whore. She doesn’t rent property. Funny how she pretends to be poor and underserved. The menstrel show never ends.

  6. ha. Notified my tenants of a $25 per month increase in rent beginning October 1 and told them to blame KC voters. Don't care. I'll earn $1,800 more in rent in the next year and will take a little vacation with that money rather than investing in my properties. Nothing different. Thanks KC. Will spend that money in Arizona!


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