Kansas City Rainbows And Crime Links

There are a great many rainbow shots dominating social media after today's storms but we we like this one from our blog community overall because it serves as a nice segue for a quick round-up of today's top crime stories . . .

Kansas City Spy Cam Safety???

KCMO neighborhoods receive grant to purchase surveillance cameras

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thanks to a new grant, surveillance cameras will be going up in 10 neighborhoods in Kansas City. Surveillance footage is an important tool for law enforcement when investigating and deterring crime. "It takes a whole bunch of tools in the toolbox to turn it around," Marlon Hammons, president of the Washington Wheatley neighborhood association, said.

Double Down KCMO Conviction

Two men sentenced to life for KC kidnapping and killing | The Kansas City Star

Two men who kidnapped and killed a Kansas City man in 2016 were sentenced Wednesday to multiple life terms in federal prison without parole. Raynal King, 27, and Howard Ross III, 23, were sentenced in U.S.

Deadly KCK Afternoon

One person killed in shooting near KCK gas station at 55th and Leavenworth

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Police are investigating a deadly shooting Wednesday in KCK. Police said the shooting happened near a Quick Stop gas station at 55th Street and Leavenworth Road. One person died from their injuries. Police have not yet released the name of the victim.

Tragic KCK Custody Fight

Affidavit: Mom drove into the Kansas River to kill self and kids 'so no one else could have them'

Court documents released Wednesday in the case of the mother charged after driving a vehicle into the Kansas River with her children inside show she told police she did it intentionally. Scharron DIngledine has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her 5-year-old daughter, and attempted first-degree murder for injuries suffered by her 1-year-old son.

Fear Crosstown Gun Crime

KCK man charged for stealing 64 firearms from Independence gun store

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A KCK man is facing federal charges after allegedly stealing dozens of firearms from an Independence gun store. Keyon Johnson, has been charged with one count of stealing firearms from a federal licensee and one count of transporting stolen firearms across state lines.

Inner Suburban Scare

Grandview family worried after 2 men disappear

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - "I'm definitely scared something is wrong with them," said Charlsea Brewer. Two important men in Brewer's life are missing. "They were doing everything together for the last week, week and a half before their disappearances," Brewer said. Brewer's brother, Michael Brewer, and the father of her son, Keith Wasmer, have been missing since August 6.

Local Journalism Criticism Amid Drug Epidemic

What the media gets wrong about opioids

After Jillian Bauer-Reese created an online collection of opioid recovery stories, she began to get calls for help from reporters. But she was dismayed by the narrowness of the requests, which sought only one type of interviewee. "They were looking for people who had started on a prescription from a doctor or a dentist," says [...]

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  1. KCK man charged for stealing 64 firearms from Independence gun store

    ....and just like that, a single criminal from KCKS made mincemeat of Sylvester James' asinine pleadings that we need more gun legislation.

    "Somebody ought to do something about this homicide epidemic in our community!" -- Sylvester James, aka Frosty the Pizza Man

  2. Good comments.

  3. I wonder how many of those stolen guns are already on the street

  4. Kills city demonstrating its handiwork and craft.

  5. Nice to see that the KC Star got a mention in the opioid story for fake news. It's good to see that real effort sometimes gets rewarded.

    But the story is written by journalists, so it has its own problems. For instance "...frequently ignoring that addiction hits hardest in communities facing high unemployment..." Well, chicken, meet egg. One of the main reasons those communities face high unemployment is they're full of addicts.

  6. Gee if it weren't for the black people we'd only be left with two dead white guys in that fine group of stories.


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