Kansas City Primary Voting Doesn't Stop Till 7PM And Assorted News Link Hotness

Polls don't close till 7 and they seem pretty crowded for such a low-rent election.

Here's more than a few Kansas City news links to pass the time whilst waiting in line:

KCMO High Flying Biz Slows Down

Average airfares drop at KCI in the first three months of 2018 - Kansas City Business Journal

The average airfare out of Kansas City International Airport (Code: MCI) declined in the first quarter of 2018, dropping 3.3 percent year over year to $350.47. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the national average fare for the quarter was $346.49. Regionally, Wichita reported average fares of $399.36, and St.

Kansas Lady Didn't Get Help

Woman whose car went into Kansas River to get mental check

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - A woman charged with intentionally driving into the Kansas River, killing one of her children and injuring another, will undergo a mental evaluation. An attorney for 26-year-old Scharron Dingledine, of Columbia, Missouri, said during a brief court hearing Tuesday that she wants an evaluation of Dingledine's competency.

Golden Ghetto Student Head Check

Johnson County Superintendents: Suicide Prevention Requires Community Support

By working with neighboring school districts and community health partners, Olathe Superintendent John Allison thinks Johnson County might actually be able to change the conversation on teen suicide. "Each of the Johnson County school districts has taken a little different approach," Allison says.

KCMO Suffers Gunfire Fatigue

Residents echo Kansas City's mayor growing frustration with gun violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two weeks ago Monday Teaonna McDaniel's 18-year-old brother, Antonio James, was shot and killed while sitting in his sister's car near 59th and Swope Parkway in Kansas City. As of Monday night, police had not arrested Jones' killer or determined a motive for the young, honor student's tragic death.

Breaking The Back To School Budget

Seg. 1: The Cost Of Getting Ready For School. Seg. 2: From Farm To Table At The Missouri State Fair.

Outfitting a first-grader in the Kansas City Public Schools with supplies can run in the neighborhood of $40 ... and that's not counting clothes costs. It's an expense that not every family can meet and if there's more than one child going to school, the cost can be unmanageable.

Pre-Season Front Office FAIL

Do the Kansas City Chiefs even have a preseason trade candidate?

Corey Coleman was the first to move. Others will be going soon enough. The NFL preseason is a prime time for various teams to try to gain some value out of depreciating assets before having to set them free for the low, low cost of nothing.

Kansas City Foodie Shutdown

Justus Drugstore Closes as Jonathan Justus and Camille Eklof Look For New Home For Flagship Restaurant

Justus Drugstore has left the building. Literally. Last night, chef Jonathan Justus and Camille Eklof loaded up the old soda fountain that had served as the bar of their 11-year-old flagship restaurant in Smithville, Missouri.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Chef Justice, if you see this, please consider North Kansas City!
    Plenty of existing space, lots of new places drawing young people into the area, very close to the KC Downtown scene, FREE PARKING, and a generally friendly and welcoming attitude.

  2. "I want to see permits. I want to see training. I want to see a longer period for background checks. I also want to see an ordinance that says if you have a gun stolen or lost, you have to report it to the police,” Mayor James said.
    This will have no effect on keeping guns away from criminals. Surely Slie knows criminals could care less about this bs. How about focusing on the criminal and locking them up. Oh yea, the prosecutor does not prosecute.
    "Both women would like to see more officers walking around their neighborhoods on a regular basis, in hopes of curbing or stopping the gun violence."
    Evidently she means letting police be police.

  3. Irrational response to the increasing murders in KC...."A fired-up Mayor James is also sick of the wave of shootings and homicides currently plaguing the city. The mayor is now calling for state lawmakers to create more gun laws he says would make it tougher for more criminals to get their hands on guns.
    "I want to see permits. I want to see training. I want to see a longer period for background checks. I also want to see an ordinance that says if you have a gun stolen or lost, you have to report it to the police,” Mayor James said."

    Rational response and obviously more realistic response from a recent victim's sister… ""I just don’t think more gun laws right now is the answer. I don’t think it helps just because you can go buy a gun right now. Anybody can buy a gun on off the street,” Teaonna McDaniel added."

    Let's get real Mayor James. The problem is criminals having illegal guns, committing crimes and committing murders with these weapons.

    Mothers know

    Brothers know

    Sisters know

    Friends know

    Barbers know

    Beauty shop operators know

    Hair Weave shop operators know

    Ministers know

    City Councilpersons know

    They all know who has guns and are committing crimes against persons and properties in the inner city.

    There is really no excuse anymore as to why this is happening day after day in KC.

  4. Over Rated... another chef with 15 minutes of fame... will blame landlords on Dirt too.


  5. Mayor James calls on lawmakers for more gun control? Really? I have called on lawmakers for an investigation to investigate mayor James because he doesn't know how to handle being a mayor and doesn't want to curb crime that is caused by black people, that's something they don't do.

    Look at Chicago mayor James you idiot.

  6. Bow tie the clown sLIE is not against guns, he’s pro 2nd amendment, he said so, he just doesn’t want anybody in killa shitty to have any, makes perfect sense in sLIE’s world. Why two shit hole cities with out of control black murderers needs to ban guns for an entire state with nearly 4 million peoples is typical government thinking, punish everyone for the acts of a few, is childish thinking from a childish man, sLIE, it’s only a couple hundred of your people causing the problems, man up and deal with it.

  7. Would love to see Justus in the Westside or Crossroads. This area is made for you guys!!!


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