Kansas City Primary Day First News Links

First we start with fashion hotness and finance . . .

Maxim: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in New DKNY Lingerie Campaign

Market Sector: Future Growth - Online Apparel Retailing Market by Key Players: DKNY . . .

Closer to home, here's more than a few local links to start the day . . .

Kansas City Gunfire Push Back

The Rant with Brad Stephens: Viewers sound off on violence in Kansas City

Mayor Sly James held a news conference to talk about the current rash of violence that is plaguing our streets.

Car Crash Aftermath

Erratic driver damages seven properties in North Kansas City subdivision

Neighbors in a North Kansas City subdivision were forced to take cover due to an erratic driver ramming through several properties before coming to a stop. The driver had a medical emergency and was behind the wheel of that out of control vehicle.

Urban Core Suspect Comeuppance???
Judge declines to reduce serial burglar's bond
Kansas City Poll Position

Metro poll workers offer last-minute tips for voters for primary election

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "We're ready," Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker said. Poll workers on both sides of the state line spent Monday making sure all of the voting equipment is ready to go for what they predict to be high voter turnout for an August primary.

Boozy Local Newz

At Freshwater, Nicole Elizabeth Dearing Curates a Hyper-Local Bar Program

Nicole Elizabeth Dearing learned to make from-scratch craft cocktails at some of the best bars in the city, including Manifesto, and developed the very first cocktail menu at Café Sebastienne. Now, Dearing is spearheading the hyper-local bar program at Freshwater, working alongside chef-owner Calvin Davis to create drinks that complement the cuisine.

KCMO Soggy Voting Day

Forecast: Heavy rain, lightening expected during morning storms

Heavy rain, brief wind gusts and lightning are expected to start the day. We have a 70-percent chance for storms today, mainly this morning with highs in the lower 80s by later this afternoon.

Cubs Clobber Kansas City Royals

Game CXII Thread - The Adolescent Bears of Chicago versus the Royals of Kansas City

Game one of what sure looks on paper to be another series sweep that the Royals may be subjected to starts tonight with Cole "Don't Call Me Jason" Hamels squaring off against Jakob "Ceder of Dongs" Junis. With this powerful Cubs lineup, Junis could be in for a messy night.

ZAYN - Too Much ft. Timbaland is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Saw part of Slie’s press conference and it was pathetic. He mentioned all of the failed feel good programs and indicated the city and police did not know what to do about the violence. One thing Slie knows how to do is politicize a bad situation and claim more federal and state funds are needed to help solve the problem.

    What he did not say, and what he surely knows, is more important. He did not say who commits and where the crimes happen. He did not say tougher policing and stronger prosecution is going to happen. He did not say community leaders will be involved in mentoring the young people and showing them there is a better way to live, but this requires actual work and commitment. Essentially he is all talk and no action which has been going on for years. In short he refused to place the blame where it belongs. Basically the press conference was a regurgitation of the same old failed approach as in the past.

  2. I would like to get on top of Emily


  3. So Sly admits he is a dumb ass and doesn't know what to do, but at the same time he won't step down and admit defeat.

    Maybe Sly should take some tips from Rudy. After all Rudy cleaned up NYC and violence went way down on his watch.

    Be a man for once Sly, step down you don't know what you're doing.

  4. Fuck...isn't it lightning, not lightening?????

  5. 8:40. I know! It's some 24 year old kid on those graphic line editors. Without auto-correct, they can't spell anything!

  6. Sly needs to come right out and tell the people of the affected communities to join the human race. He needs to tell them to stop robbing, burglarizing, and assaulting each other. He needs to tell those folks that robbery and assault aren't actual jobs and a source for regular income. He needs to tell those people that if they want to join the human race, women are going to have to withhold sex from the men who commit these crimes, and men are going to have to start being fathers rather than sperm donors. it won't happen. Sly's son is one of them.

  7. Sly wont say shit to the black community because that would interfere with his planned discussion about race on the 29th of the month.

  8. Just (ekk) tried to (ekk) watch Channel 5 broadcast of the erratic (ekk) driver, supposedly (ekk) in NORTH Kansas City suburb ekkkkkkkkk..... (sigh) the (ekk) indicates a break in the broadcast. There ARE NO suburbs in NKC, for crying out loud. This is in Kansas City, MO, but we can't be sure because the reporter didn't say where he was reporting from.


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