Kansas City Northland Council Lady Heather Hall Talks Trash And Rolling Bin Solution

Kansas City has always suffered from politicos who would rather work on solving the world's problems than contending with far more mundane (but important) local issues confronting neighborhoods.

And so . . .


The latest from her office . . .

RE: Rolling Bins

Recent meetings have been held about delayed/missed pickups and 4 additional trucks have been added to the northland. My office is working to find other possible solutions with citizens, solid waste and contractors. One of the consistent replies from citizens is having rolling recycle and trash bins.

On February 26, 2007 a pilot program on rolling recycle bins was initiated in a few neighborhoods. The program had positive and negative results.

1.) Better timed pickups
2.) Litter reduction

1.) To go citywide the expense of purchasing rolling recycle bins was costly
2.) To equip the fleet to pickup bins would be an added expense
3.) Recycle bins were stolen
4.) Future replacement costs of recycle bins

Many constituents have told us they would purchase their own bins. We understand some may not want the bins, or can't afford the bins, or don't have the space to put in their garage. We have created a survey to gain more feedback.

Please click on the "Fill Out Form", complete the form and submit prior to September 21, so we can add your feedback.

Please share with neighbors and other neighborhood groups. The deadline is September 21, 2018, and after that time we will compile the data and share the results.

Even better, drop us a line here to talk Kansas City trash given that so many politicos are too caught up in self-help inspirational chatter as the election draws near rather than following Heather Hall's lead and taking action on practical efforts to problem solve.

You decide . . .


  1. Trash is great. Social justice is better!

    Also, higher rents!

    1. City should pay for the bins. Take it out of the General Obligation bond money. Better than than have it wasted on anti-crime programs.

    2. Good questions from Hall. She is only of only 3 councilmembers doing their job rather than running for the next higher office or building their resume.

  2. Agree with @7:05 - If homeowners have to pay for the new bins, then this is just nothing but another KC tax.

  3. Back around the Cleaver era KCMO promised free trash bags if a tax increase was passed.
    Promise broken faster than Kander can pander.

  4. That doesn't excuse why they didn't pick up the trash. Can't blame it on rolling bins that is just dumb.

  5. I'm glad we have solved every other issue in the city that we have time to worry about FUCKING TRASH BINS.

    It's looks real stupid after a weekend of murders and gun violence to talk about FUCKING TRASH BINS.

    And people wonder why there's no faith in city council. FUCKING TRASH BINS.

    1. Hey Einstein, you gotta solution to fix housing, payoff KcMo debt or put more police on the street? Didn't think so. So until you share any bright ideas with us, spare us you bullsh*t. Picking up the trash is way more important than your plan to save the world.

    2. 9:19, maybe a million fucking TRASH BINS can solve any problem. Seems that they are a miracle solution to everything. Let's make everyone buy FUCKING TRASH BINS. Let's not focus in the problem of the garbage collectors not doing their job. Magical trash bins will solve all the problems.

  6. Excellent that real world day to day issues are being addressed by our first line of elected representatives in OUR government, a hardy cheer to all involved.

  7. Heather is one of the good ones. Wish the rest of them would take time off from their reelection campaigns or mayor runs to actually do their job!

  8. ^^^^^^^^^ Trash bins keep the garbage off the street. However small, that's an improvement over the bs that's happening now.

    but keep on expecting city hall to solve the world's problems. Just don't blame us when you're disappointed.

  9. ^^^ Hey numb-skull, what did they do before trash bins? People used trash bags and it worked for decades, we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

    The problem came when city service didn't do their job.

  10. Tunnel Vision Progressive8/13/18, 7:43 AM

    Slie will propose a .5% sales tax advertised for purchasing and replacing trash bins but will secretly be used to enhance developers and purchasing supplies for the pre K students. The need for this is because the .375% pre K tax has been committed for other uses.
    Suggestion for new mayor is to have a thorough audit of all city functions/departments immediately after taking office. Results of audit shall be made public. Actually have the audit start a few weeks before swearing in as there may be no funds available for a swearing in ceremony.

  11. Where is the Go4KC explanation of the wonderful benefit of the $12 million-dollar, Chicago, no bid contract to improve customer service in the Water Department. No changes or improvements were ever proclaimed by any of the media.
    What did happen is that a flood of mailings began coming from Chicago and other locales wanting every KCMO property owner to buy water line insurance. The last several years the letters have been official looking letters from the City Manager. Why was Troy Schulte promoting private insurance? Only conclusion is that the $12 million was used to setup private companies to sell this insurance. Who are the silent partners in this scam?

  12. I live in one of the neighborhoods with the rolling trash bins. It's not bad but it would require a massive overhaul of trash trucks too because they aren't equipped to lift and empty the bins into the truck so they remove the bags by had which often means one bag doesn't get removed and sits in the bin stinking it up for a week, while I'm also limited by one trash bag for the next week. The difference is in JOCO trash is all private so it's more streamlined and cheaper. This seems way too burdensome of KCMO tax payers when we're already getting fisted.

  13. about fucking time


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