Kansas City Newsie Primary Postscript Chat

Local newsies consider the aftermath of this week's election a few days after everybody else on social media shared comments that were far more incisive and unfiltered.

Check the description:

"Nick Haines, Jay Senter, Dave Helling, Caroline Sweeney and Dia Wall dissect this week's election results including the too close to call Kansas GOP gubernatorial primary, the Kansas Third District race, Prop A and the Missouri Senate race. Panelists also discuss the recent spike in gun violence and the takeaways from Mayor Sly James' recent visit from Missouri Governor Mike Parson."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Overall it was a good program. Caroline Sweeney is a sweetie. Nice to see Tracy's boss. I'd like to see Tracy on there.

  2. say what you want, in whatever accent you like, but it is really all about the tie.

  3. Ah there's that genius Sweeney ! Brilliant analysis is her middle name.


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