Kansas City Morning Raw Dog News Links

Old school raw dog romance dominates the discourse across the nation and threatens to bring down the Republic. A few examples . . .

SunUK: Humpy Trumpy Porn star Stormy Daniels could topple Trump after the President’s former lawyer admits paying them to keep quiet over sex claims

The Intercept: Donald Trump Could’ve Paid Off Stormy Daniels Legally If Michael Cohen Were a Better Lawyer

BBC: 'I don't care if Trump paid off a porn star'

Closer to home, these local news links are also worth hitting:

Local Old School Tech Endures

Kansas City's last remaining typewriter repairmen are still hanging on. For now.

Zach Bauman Steve Kavanaugh examines the antique Oliver typewriter I've brought to him for repair, gliding its carriage back and forth, checking for problems I may have missed in my own mechanical diagnosis. He leans the bulky machine back, quickly scans it from below.

Cowtown Tech Cash Speculation

2018 Top VC-Backed Companies in Kansas City List

The Top VC-Backed Companies in Kansas City List recognizes the growing cohort of growth-stage, venture-backed companies in the Kansas City metro - further illustrating the impact of the countless efforts aimed at boosting entrepreneurship in the region and creating a productive dialogue.

Kansas City Doorstep Booze Coming Soon

Kansas City committee approves online alcohol orders

You could soon go online - like you would order a pizza - and order alcohol to be brought right to your door in Kansas City.

Local Safety Lesson

Speeding complaints in KC neighborhoods rise as new school year gets underway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police at the city's North Patrol Division say they've seen an uptick in complaints about speeding in neighborhoods since the start of this school year. "The school year has started, and both buses and kids are in the neighborhoods, delivering kids and stopping and going.

Hand Up Needed In Shawnee

Shawnee community organization needs your unwanted shoes and clothes

A community service organization is running very low on some very important things - volunteers are asking you to raid your closets for unwanted shoes. "This is our free clothing table, anybody can come get free clothes, but as you can see, our tables are empty," said Marlisa Vankemeske with Shawnee Community Services.

Local Living History

JoCo woman on mission to find owner of WWII photo found at Lee's Summit estate sale

DE SOTO, Kan. -- A Johnson County woman is trying to find the family of a World War II veteran. Connie Davis has something of his that she believes the family might want back. "I live and breathe this pretty much trying to find out who this man was or his family," Davis said.

KCPD Horse Play

KCPD mounted patrol has an odd request - they want inflatables and crazy costumes for the horses

This may sound like an odd request, but the Kansas City, Missouri Police Mounted Patrol is looking for outrageous costumes and large inflatables...for their horses. It's all about training the horses to deal with anyone in any situation. So for training purposes, the more outrageous the better. What we saw Wednesday is, well...unusual.

J. Geils Band - Centerfold is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Not much point in debating the issue.
    Those who support Donald Trump will continue to do so,
    while those who are sane will continue to oppose him.


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