Kansas City Monday Morning News Snack

Global celeb good life and morning carbs . . .

NZH: Trump heaps praise on Kanye and Kim

Cosmo: Twitter Is Dragging Kim Kardashian for Discovering the 'Serial' Podcast 4 Years Late

Page Six: Kanye West surprises Kim Kardashian with neon green Mercedes SUV

Closer to home these news links are also worth a look:

Kansas City 'To Do' This Week
Etheridge to raise the bar for Downtown A&E this week
Kansas City TrumpCare Talk

Kansas City's review of TMC finds 68 percent non-compliance | The Kansas City Star

Truman Medical Center is working with the Kansas City Health Department to fix its process for determining whether patients are eligible for a city subsidy, after a review found almost 70 percent of those the hospital deemed eligible might not be.

Local Mommy Survivor Story
Mother involved in deadly crash speaks from hospital
Kansas City Neil Simon Tribute

KCMO production of 'The Odd Couple' set to open after passing of iconic writer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Iconic American playwright Neil Simon died on August 26 at the age of 91. His publicist says he died around 1 a.m. from a bout with pneumonia in his home state of New York. Simon is famous for writing the plays The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and many more.

Kansas City Artsy Roundup

Hello Atelier | Painting Home

Your browser does not support the audio element. Today's guest, artist Kathy Liao, paints from a distance. Or, I should say, she paints her subjects from a distance. Kathy's family is spread about the globe, but she keeps them near with her paintings that portray her memories - her mom watching TV, her grandmother in the kitchen, her dad by the pool - all recreated through a haze of color and collage.

Hard To Place KC Footballers

NFL experts have difficulty predicting Kansas City Chiefs record in 2018

One thing is clear: no one expects the Kansas City Chiefs to fail so miserably that they could end up near the NFL's worst overall teams. After that, anything is up for grabs. A panel of experts at NFL.com recently made their predictions for the AFC West and the forecasted results vary so widely that the only read on the Chiefs is that nothing is clear.

Local Creative Space

How One Kansas City Artist Works At Home But Feels Like He's Somewhere Else

Kansas City artist Allan Winkler's work is full of whimsy. It's often found in unexpected places: a mural in a school cafeteria, colorful mosaics in the bathroom of a theater. Year-round, you can see his folksy metal cutouts on permanent display at the Marlborough Community Center, and The Gathering Place is hosting a show of his work during Open Spaces.

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  1. The Chiefs this year will be a lot like the Royals, all promises and no action. But you all just keep supporting their lames asses while the Hunt and Glass family are all living the good life and you're not.

  2. Chiefs will win the weak west and loose 1st game of play-offs. A victory of sorts.

  3. "Our main focus is just maintaining the transparency and accountability to the taxpayers".
    Would be nice if City government felt this way. Team Slie is probably slobbering over this finding since fewer funds will be going to TMC means more for Slie to funnel to the developers.

  4. Uncommon Courage offers insight into the jury system

    LOL best comedy I've read since I woke up this morning.

  5. 6:51 +100,000,000........ bucks

  6. I'm glad the mom and her 4 year old daughter are going to be OK. I want to know more about the people in the other car who caused the crash. Why the silence?

  7. Abbigail Kauer, the survivor of the car crash, must get more tattoos. In doing so she will be more easily identifiable.

  8. Kim K and her sisters like black trouser trout.

  9. Yes were happy the lady and her kid are OK...... But who were the two people in the Buick.... The two people in the car that caused the crash. There is no south bound exit ramp at Brighton so they went south to Chouteau trafficway turned around and came back. Why Who What, We don't even know if there male or female...... this happened 3 days ago...

  10. ^^^Sounds like a cover up to me, must’ve been somebody who was once important, you know how these things get covered up


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