Kansas City Mommy Minivan Targeted By Urban Core Rolling Gunfire

Another look at the rising quotient of local violence that SHOWS NO MERCY TO FAMILIES OR YOUNGSTERS . . . Take a look:

Kansas City mom shocked when minivan filled with kids gets hit by bullets while driving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City mom says the neighborhood she`s lived in for four years is getting worse, and she experienced it firsthand Thursday. "It`s a lot of shooting always going on over there, (breaking and entering), robberies," she said. So she made plans to take her kids and get out.


  1. She shouldn't be shocked at all. Her son gets into an argument with a bunch of gang members. There's your problem. Not sure where she and her son can go to escape the violence. I see him coming back to da hood in order to settle the score. Then I see her talking about having to bury him. Too bad.

  2. A real mayor would bring his police chief in and direct him to find those punk hood rats and take them off the streets, by any means necessary. The only problem is, we have a fat turd stealing mayor and an inept chickenshit police department, so not a damn thing will happen.

  3. Unfortunate for sure, but she says the kids can’t go to school without her van? Why can’t they walk or ride the bus?

  4. She wouldnt share her name with the nwws station but wasnt shy to share it on the go fund me page.

  5. What vital part of the van was effected by a bullet ?


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