ON a soggy and humdrum day Kansas City media came running to an afternoon presser making bold pronouncements, big talk but not a lot of new evidence.

To wit . . .


Here's the word from one of our reader/insides:

"There wasn't a lot of there . . . There. The whole thing was kind of like a job interview and dredging up stuff that was already settled in the case involving Bishop Finn. It was great timing on her part and it was orchestrated well but you readers might want to ask themselves what "news" was really reported except for a lawyer wanting to file another lawsuit???"

Even more interestingly, a statement from Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker today seemed to pour a bit of cold water on the local angle and reminds locals that her office has been on this case for nearly a decade:

"The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office has placed a high priority on protecting children from all kinds of abuse. This includes children who witness violence knowing its harmful effects and long-term consequences. Through our grand jury, we investigated specific allegations against the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in 2011, resulting in an indictment of a church official for failure to protect children by failing to report abuse.

"Following the prosecution, the Diocese instituted an ombudsman who regularly communicates with this office regarding potential allegations of abuse.

"We welcome this partnership, but rest assured we won’t stand idle when children are victimized. We have reviewed and investigated other allegations of abuse by church officials since 2011."

Check the links and tell us if there's anything "NEW" with a Kansas City connection or if the local media just got played as a press release outlet . . .

KMBC: Kansas City attorney says sexual abuse inside the catholic church is happening in our area

KCUR: Kansas City Attorney Calls For Priest Sex Abuse Investigations In Kansas And Missouri

Fox4: Survivors of clergy sex crimes call for statewide grand jury-style investigation

KCTV5: Local advocates want action on Kansas City priests accused of abuse

KMBZ: A call for priest sex abuse investigation in both Missouri and Kansas

KSHB: KC attorney, clients urge states to open criminal investigations into Catholic church

You decide . . .


  1. Just one more bit of bad local theater. Glad 3 of 4 of the stations cut the guys crying on cue. That was tough to watch. I think some of them have a case but the merits of most of their stories are tough to back up and mostly just a he said, he said.

    1. We need a #MeToo movement against molester Catholic priests. There should be an easier way to inform the public about the danger they present to students.

    2. #Justice4Victims

  2. The problem today is not the catholic priests but the public school teachers. Do they have the same protections in place for public school students that are now required for the catholic church?

  3. Better title: KC media go on fishing expedition with attorney.

  4. Only Catholics give a shit about this. When you raised your family in the church, you weren't raising your family; some one else was. You gave up the right to complain, when you gave the raising of your children to someone else.

    If the Catholic Church still wielded secular power they would burn all non-Catholics as heretics. No organization has committed more inhumane crimes against humanity. No other organization has demonstrated evil quite like the Catholic Church.

    Their crimes are uncounted millions, their victims legion.

  5. The Pope of The Crossroads8/20/18, 10:26 PM

    Yeah, you know some history and that is good. But you overlook all of the good that local churches do today. Seems like you'd be glad to throw thousands of poor to the wolves so you can win your internet argument. that seems kind of silly.

  6. Oh shut up 10:23. I am no fan of the Catholic Church but saying they are worse than Islam is just ridiculous.

  7. ^^False equivalency:

    The Catholic Church is a multi-national organization that steals from the poor to give to the clergy, so they can live like princes.

    How many babies were thrown down that well in Ireland?

    How many good deeds does it take to balance that account?

  8. ^^880

    How many thousands of babies are buried in unmarked graves?

    How many millions were burned at the stake?

  9. 11:11 how many yazidis were taken as sex slaves in sinjar?

  10. How many are flushed down drains^^^^^^ AKA PRO CHOICE

  11. Planned Parenthood kills thousands of babies each year.

  12. Geriatrics bore people to death with dumb comments every day!

  13. The Catholic church needs to open all the books up. They're still hiding tons of shit....and I'm Catholic. If they really want to repent, total transparency is the only way. Otherwise, a year or two from now, another scandal will trickle out in some other Archdiocese and rock the church, again.

  14. It's hard to combat the lies when they are so entrenched. Peter is a word that means rock. Simon's name was Simon, not Peter. "Bartholomew, also called ben Jamin." His name was Bartholomew; he was also called ben Jamin because his father's name was Jamin. His name was not Benjamin. That is not really a name because ben Jamin is not a word.

    "Holy Week" begins with Palm Sunday when Jesus' followers laid palm leaves on the ground for his burro to walk across. Problem is palm leaves don't fall off in the spring. They fall off in the fall (hence the name Fall) just like all other leaves. Palm Sunday, if he existed at all, was in the fall & Holy Week is not a week, but a six month period.

    The Puritans left England because they were upset at King James for embracing the Pope's lie about Christmas. They called King James a pagan. Now, their descendants are demanding that we put Christ back in Christmas even though we know the Romans did not hold their census in the dead of winter. In other words, citing the bible itself, we can show that Jesus was born in the spring.

    Catholicism has very little to do with the bible, which Christians didn't worship until the 17th century. It has little to do with Jesus or his teachings which are in contradiction with the teachings of the Roman soldier named Saul. All Christians give Saul's words more credence than Jesus's words & by claiming that the bible is the word of god, you make Saul equal to Jesus.

    There is nothing in the bible to justify the creation of a priesthood. The Catholic Church is a lie founded by men who wanted secular power & wealth.

    "The foolish believe religion is true. The wise know that it is false. The politicians find it useful." - Cicero 41BC.

  15. No more Lucy Vixen photos lately? That makes me sad.


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