Kansas City Mayor Sly Ethnic Pep Talk

To be fair, the Mayor seems to be taking off a few pounds for the Summer as he talks up a widely loved and longstanding local event dedicated to diversity, inclusion and a lot of really great food.

You decide . . .


  1. The coloreds don’t go to this because they would actually have to pay for their food, and they don’t pay for food so. It’s a good thing though, you don’t have to worry about getting shot, stabbed, raped, robbed or murdered at this event.

  2. Go4KC and the three people that cheered in the audience are the only ones who swallowed Slyme’s BS pep talk.

  3. He appears to have mastered one of the most important attributes of being a politician: the ability to say something completely contradictory of something you have said before with utterly zero shame or cognition of ever having thought differently.


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