Kansas City Mayor Sly Desperately Seeking Shady Pre-K Sales Tax Voter Approval

In this softball interview Mayor Sly uses his "charm" (ugh) to win over public radio newsies for YET ANOTHER LOCAL TAX INCREASE so that City Hall funds can not only fund taxpayer incentives for luxury living space but also throw some Lunchable scraps the way of youngsters before they start provisionally accredited local schools.


Seg. 1: Kansas City Mayor Defends Pre-K Sales Tax. Seg. 2: Is Kansas Swimmer Olympic Bound?

Segment 1: If approved, the proposed 3/8-cent sales tax to fund expanded early childhood education in Kansas City will be on the November ballot. With the less than a year until he leaves Kansas City's top office, Mayor Sly James is pushing for an expanded early childhood education system to serve 4-year-olds across the city.


  1. Im new to Kansas City8/13/18, 8:42 PM

    Of course it will pass. I'm new to Kansas City but, every tax issue that has been on the ballot since I've been here has passed, without exception! I'm amazed, there are parts of this town that have 14% sales tax. Everyone has great intentions but nothing ever changes. Go bonds, East side sales tax, airport, toy train, the list could go on. Now a pre k sales tax. Of course it will pass. All the snap and wic purchases are exempt from these taxes. "Children, don't forget to bring an empty bookbag on Fridays so we can fill it with food for the weekend". Give a man a fish and feed him for a day... Teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself.

  2. Mayor

  3. Sly is a con man! Loading more sales taxes on an already overburdened citizenry! Please, Sly, leave the house without doing any more damage!!!

  4. They already get free education, breakfast lunch and dinner and let’s not forget the free laundry service too, now this Asshole wants free pre-K too? All pre k is is a glorified daycare so baby mammie can party and whore herself out even more, pre k is an expensive joke anyway.

  5. This is what Democrats do. Destroy cities.

  6. Kansas City voters are so stupid. As stated above, all taxes pass in this shit hole. Don't complain, it's your fuckin' fault. Slush funds must be kept full. Democraps are terrible at running cities, but great at ruining them. However, again, voters who see the problem stay home on election day.

  7. sLIE is desperately seeking approval period, spending other people’s money is what makes him feel better about himself, just look at all the safe spaces he’s building downtown!

  8. More

    We need a one child welfare policy. Aid in exchange for sterilization.

  9. There should be a child tax, that might slow up the exploding rat population.

  10. All of Slie's feel good programs NoVa, Aim4Peace, ad Hoc, Mothers in Charge, COMBAT, social workers, free pizza parties and many others have miserably failed and now he is pushing for another program that, based on Slie's track record, will miserably fail.
    According to past reports the projected cost is $30K per student which is ridiculous. Interesting to know how much of these funds will be diverted.
    Where was the Eastside improvement money, which has been collected for over a year, funneled? None of it has been spent on Eastside improvements.

  11. Doesn't raising the sales tax generates more funds for the TIF projects? Could it be that new sales taxes are a way for things like the P&L TIF to need less from the general fund? All a shell game but suddenly the politicians can look better.

  12. I bought a house in KCMO a year ago. Nice place in a calm and quiet neighborhood. Really cute and cool. But damn, this city and their taxes make me regret it. Keep thinking maybe I should have bought in joco

  13. The demographics of KCMO, at least south of the river are such that high taxes will always be supported. Disregard the poor and minorities, they either don't vote or they support what their bought off leaders tell them. The more affluent are more and more either government or non profit employees whose paycheck depends on taxes so they are supportive. Then you have the professional class whose mid 6 figure incomes are not effected by a couple of hundred dollars of increased taxes and who couldn't care less about those whose lives are.

    There are many other subgroups, LBGT, aging hippies, millennials etc but the average family working in the private sector, making a moderate income already voted with their feet.

  14. +1. I too love my neighborhood, but I'm tired of the taxes and the graft.

    If I were in the market today, I'd buy in JOCO.

  15. What does Sly know about Pre-K? Ans: Absolutely nothing!!

    This is a slush fund that he will be able to access for years to come!! $600 Million over 20 years.

    So much corruption! I bet Burns & Mac is on board!!!

  16. Definitely a slush fund disguised as a kindergarten tax. Just like the Eastside tax is a slush fund disguised as a tax. The Eastside tax has been collected for over a year and no Eastside, Prospect Avenue, improvements have been made. City hall hopes this topic goes away before the November election. Prime example of catering to the black community for their vote and them dropping them after an election. This has previously been discussed on TKC.


  17. 8:42 AM spoke my same thoughts. Kansas City does pass every tax that is on the ballot and this one will pass also watch and see.

    It makes me sick to watch them misuse all this money that is suppose to fix this and that which never happens.

    They will give it a name on the ballot like 'Feed our children' to make you feel guilty if you select No.

  18. Mayor

  19. another reason not to shop in KCMO.

  20. >>See you all at the tax's victory party!


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