Kansas City Hype Conspiracy: More Deets On Big Bucks For City Hall Subsidy Fake News

12th & Oak has devolved into a cannibalistic scam that's not feeding on itself and taxpayers at the same time . . .

Money line . . .

"We’ve agreed to pay up to $350,000 to an association that represents development financiers and their “interests” to evaluate the effectiveness of our development financing. How likely is it that CDFA will be critical and impartial?"

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Kansas City Hires Fox to Watch Henhouse

According to the Kansas City Business Journal, the City of Kansas City has approved contracting with the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) to "conduct a comprehensive analysis of the city's historic use of incentives and the resulting impacts."


  1. It’s obvious what they’re doing, the sad thing is people will believe it, really sad


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