Kansas City Homicide Count Stands At 73

Earlier today a victim of one of the recent shootings died of his injuries, here's a round-up of KCMO violence so far as BLOODY AUGUST is just getting started.

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Another Weekend Of Shootings And Murders In Kansas City

While Kansas City police can't explain it, this was another busy weekend for detectives - the latest spike in gun crime over the last few weeks. Since last Wednesday afternoon alone, 24 people have been shot and five have died. None of the crimes seems to be connected.


  1. When are they gonna count pregnant ladies baby? Should be 74 right?

  2. 73 vs 88 in 2017. Well at least we’re catching up to last year. The hood rats had a strong week. Black lives matter.

  3. The politicians are all crying that guns are the problem. they want more gun control. What they need to do is ban alcohol. Guns aren't the problem, alcohol is. Close those bars down at 9:00 pm and don't sell any alcohol anywhere near downtown or south of the river. Guarantee you shootings and deaths will go way down, especially among the malt liquor drinkers in those areas.

  4. 162---89 to go.

  5. Lack of self-control is the problem.

  6. Yet today Sly issues a statement that it's not really the shooters' fault. They're poor, didn't graduate, have never been given a chance, need a job, etc, etc.
    The Mayor of KCMO making excuses for criminals will surely address and solve the problem. What a powerful, groundbreaking and courageous stand.

  7. GO GO GOPHER...


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