Kansas City Home Demolition Derby Hype

Bad news all around in this tiny tidbit of City Hall blight fighting a losing war with a modicum of effort and creating empty lots whilst so many more structures continue to negatively impact neighborhoods.

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66 abandoned Kansas City homes on list to be demolished


  1. Black people are like locust, move in, destroy everything and move on to the next one.

  2. Sad.... many younger working people could rehab some of them if the locals were to be trusted.


    About 7 years ago, KCMO's new mayor held a big media event on the East-side in which he sat in the cab of a backhoe as it began demolishing a vacant dilapidated house. Troy Schulte pledged that the city would have the backlog resolved within 1-2 years. Local media wet their pants with glee in praise of the pair.

    Sylvester lives in a luxury Downtown high-rise.
    Schulte got a lucrative pay raise and contract extension.
    Local media continues to soil their pants in praise of the pair.

  4. 66 houses, big deal, when are they going to get to the other 5000? Oh that’s right, all that money went to the developers

  5. ^^When are you going to stop complaining? They did 66 houses. If they would have done a hundred, you would've cried it wasn't 200. Go away and do something productive with your day loser. Getting on a blog and bitching about things is a waste of everybody's time. LOSER!

  6. Security Guard Cameron Wright8/31/18, 10:51 AM

    Blacks Cause Blight. No Blacks = No Blight.

  7. ^^^white trash cause blight too. Ask your mom.

  8. 10:07 hey dipshit, get the cum out of your eyes, it says they’re going to tear down 66 houses, god you’re an idiot.

    11:12 there is no white trash in killa shitty, only losers like you

    1. Real weak dude. You got run and all you can come back with is this weak sauce? You really are white trash aren’t you?

  9. Have the fire department burn them down and in the process they get practice/training on controlling fires. Oh, that's right the fire hydrants do not work.
    Bill the homeowner for the fire departments time and replace some of the money that went to developers.

  10. Totes gonna work. Is this momentum?

  11. It's not caused by black people. We have at least one house per block that is rented to "white trash" through the Section 8 mess. And a mess is what they create. Piles of furniture, broken down cars, boxes and bags of refuse, busted windows, doors pulled off hinges, no screens and no blinds. Now I will admit that black tenants do cause a little commotion with their drug deals, parties and loud boom-boom-boom. Where is the City on this problem? Absent.


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