Kansas City History Crumbles

More insight on how this town is destroying some of the most iconic local buildings in the name of urban core real estate speculation.

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Historic Kansas City releases 2017-2018 Most Endangered List

Historic Kansas City has released its annual list of the city's most endangered buildings and places at risk of being demolished or of crumbling into obscurity. The 2018 list contains historic churches, apartment buildings, historic Kansas City districts, like Westport, African-American heritage sites, like those near 18th and Vine, and the Aladdin Theater in the historic Northeast.


  1. Good luck saving any of these properties. Unless a developer has a plan and gets the money from the City Council, they are doomed to destruction. This is the Kansas City Way.

  2. I've actually been inside that building in the pic used for the teaser. It's one of the coolest buildings I've ever been in and would love to live there, with a few caveats.

    Well, there's only one real caveat and that's that it's in one of the worst neighborhoods I could ever imagine. It's right at the corner of Armour and Troost. Sucks because it truly is one of the most unique and cool interiors I've ever seen, especially here in KC.

    What the historic society or whatever should do is become more anti crime, rather than set out to preserve. The reason places like Manhattan and Boston can preserve their historic buildings so well is because the have kept crime out of the neighborhoods and made them desirable places to live. They didn't legislate or become activists. They made people want to live in them. Oh well.

  3. ^^Then go..go now....

  4. I bought property near Armour and Troost years ago. I was rehabbing it and ran out of propane. I'd worked the night before and was beat, so asked my wife to get more propane. I fell asleep on the floor in the upper hallway beside the exposed plumbing I was repairing. I woke up to what i thought was my wife in the front door but when I looked over the railing, three youths were in my house loading up my tools and supplies in their arms. I grabbed the only item I had handy, the empty torch and yelled at them I was going to shoot. Thinking I had a gun, they dropped my stuff and ran over each other getting out of the house. From that day forward I've been armed. I got my concealed carry license years ago and I intend to protect my property and life. I got a great price for the rehabbed house, but it took many, many hours of diligence to keep my hard work from being stolen by the fine citizens of the neighborhood. They have zero respect for someone trying to improve their neighborhood, no respect for their neighbors or their property, and likely no respect for anyone other than themselves. Robbery and theft are their normal means of "earning" money. They'd rather steal from others than get a job. I have properties in other parts of town where I can leave my tools in the house overnight. Not south of the river in KC. What does it say about a neighborhood where the denizens are always looking to steal and rob as a means of income?


  5. Until these areas are cleaned up and cleaned out this will never happen. We have a racist week mayor and a city full of progressives that want to live with crime, so so good bye to those historic buildings.


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